Moving In.

Januar 19, 2013

Hello my dear readers,

How have you all been? As you all may know, these are really busy weeks for me and I can hardly keep my motivation up to blog. I don’t have a single day off and lots of duties are piling on top of each other. It’s good, but I would love to breathe sometimes. Of course now that I have to get up really early today I’m still wide awake at 3 AM…
Anyway, there has been a great change in my personal life which I wanted to share with you guys! First, let me explain to you my previous living situation to make you understand the whole thing better: I have always lived at my mother’s place. Also of course when I met my boyfriend back then when we were 17. We would always meet every week at Tuesday and Thursday at his place to watch our favourite TV series together, after that he would drive me home. We spent almost every single bit of our weekends together, but I was home for most of the week. When we finished school, my boyfriend instantly moved out. It’s not like he didn’t have a beautiful place to live at; he just has a very strong urge to be independent and alone. (He looooves to spent time on his own, to the contrary of my humble self 😀 ) From that day on, I would spend about half of the week at his place, just because it was convenient to have a place of our own but we still enjoyed to have the freedom to be alone whenever we want to.
Now somewhen winter came and due to very crappy windows, my home got very very freaking cold. So we made a deal and from then on I would move into my boyfriend’s place as soon as it got too cold and would move out as soon as spring began. I never really wanted to move in with my boyfriend for good so far. I personally thought it to be kinda complicated and we had a lot of issues back then (which was mostly because we, as two little nerds, had only ONE computer to share. Big mistake. Didn’t go well. Didn’t realize it was because of this.) 
So basically I always had two homes and would switch between my mother’s and my boyfriend’s place all the time. And yes, this was hell of annoying. I nearly carried around my complete household because I always needed fresh clothes to change, make-up, working clothes etc etc. My usual week looked like this: Sleeping at mom’s place, going to university, sleeping at my boyfriend’s place, going to work, returning to my mom’s place and that in an eternal loop. ^^“
Now the thing is: when I came back from Japan I first was with my boyfriend all the time because we missed each other a lot and I just wanted to spent as most time with him as I could get. I would still go back to my mother’s place but only occassionally once or maybe twice a week. I then moved in when my boyfriend studied abroad for 6 weeks to see how it would be to live alone. I lived alone 6 weeks in his apartment. And then he came back. And somehow, I stayed. It turned Christmas, and I was still there. It turned January and I, somehow, was still there without any intention to leave. I didn’t do it on purpose, but I somehow sneaked myself into moving in with my boyfriend xD I just don’t want to go. I’m tired of moving between two places all the time (plus, it’s so much more convenient to work and university from his place than where I lived before.) It’s exhausting. And I missed a „home“ to come back to, because I didn’t felt home at one or the other place. I’m still not sure how or why this happened, but I intend to stay and my boyfriend somehow doesn’t seem to be bothered by my constant appearance. I really like how it is and he seems to like it too! 😀

Of course, we had to change the apartment a bit. So far, I only had a little tiny spot for all my clothes in his wardrobe. HE HAS THREE WARDROBES TO BE PRECISE. THREE! And he doesn’t even has that much clothes. I know proudly own one of the three wardrobes and it feels good! 😀 So far I only have my winter clothes her, I guess my boyfriend will get a shock when I’ll get the summer stuff….

Sorry for crappy pictures. There is NO sunlight in January in Berlin and it’s always way too dark to even snap a shot 🙁

Also, I bought a mirror in which I can see my whole body. He intented the make-up mirror is fairly enough but hey, we all know how that will end, right? Girl without a mirror? How am I supposed to judge my outfits?? So far, 2:0 for Sam. I also got a little drawer for my university stuff and stuff like my camera, some books etc. It feels good to finally have my own spots in his apartment. Because it turned into our apartment a long time ago (it never really was HIS, to be precise mwahahaha.) Oh, and I brought a laptop so we don’t have to fight about that anymore. 

We now enjoy playing video games in the evening after work and having breakfast together. Although I didn’t plan it, it is right for now. Maybe I’ll move out when it gets too tight for both of us in that place, but at the moment it’s right the way it is. Happy Sam finally found a home again 🙂 I still wish I can have a make-up stand with a sweet little pink table + mirror sometimes… but I guess it’s too soon to ask for that! Don’t wanna scare cute little bf. 😀 Something like that..

But it’s all soap and foam so far, really no place for something like this. So looking forward to somewhen when we’re gonna have more space! 🙂

Wow this post got a lot more long than I expected it to be. I need to get up really soon (can you say that when you didn’t even sleep?) and will also have work on Sunday, but only one more week to go and I can finally go back to normal blogging, meeting people and stuff! Next monday I will skip on classes because it’s my mothers birthday and I really wanna see her 🙂 I hope you are all doing well and aren’t mad that I barely blog these weeks! :/

Much love & hopefully see you soon 🙂


P.S. If you wanna catch up with me, I’m pretty active on Facebook & updating a lot 🙂 See you there..?
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