Dezember 19, 2013

Hello my dear ones,

Just a really quick update, I flew from BONN TO BERLIN today! (Feel like a VIP, flying everytime from A to B, never flew so much in my life in one single year!) I almost missed my flight because traffic in Bonn was horrible. Just plaaaiiin horrible. It took me almost an hour to go to the main station although usually it is just a 15 minute bus ride but two busses were cancelled, the one after that was late so I missed my planned airport transfer although I started 3 hours in advance! I was extremely nervous and there was this really cute lady who offered me a cigarette to calm my nerves (I only smoke when I’m drunk or under stress so I was really thankful. Sorry boyfriend, I sinned today!) but the offering was just so sweet of her. She even suggested we could share a taxi together (the airport is in Cologne, next to Bonn so going bei Taxi is really expensive) which I thought was even sweeter. The airport transfer was on time so we didn’t need to though. I was extremely relieved when I arrived almost in time usually I’m really early on the airport because I am super paranoid to miss my flight…
Soooo my MOTEL ROCKS SEQUIN DRESS arrived! My mom gave it to my grandma who picked me up from the airport by car (Thank you!!) My mom already sent me a pic of the dress and I was relieved to see that it didn’t look super small and short. I was still unsure how it would fit because a bodycon dress like this has just to fit perfect or it will look like crap 🙁 So my heart was pumping when I tried it on and…. it fits me like a glove! The sequin is stunning and I am just completely in love with this dress! Since I love it so much here’s a crappy phone preview:  (I took my camera with me but I forgot the USB cable so I have pictures but can’t get it on my laptop……..sorry.)
I obviously edited the picture and tried to make the COLORS look as close as they are in reality – didn’t really work it just looks insane, it twinkles from every angle differently. It is not as purple as it was on the pictures, it’s more on the green/blue side but it’s insanely beautiful. I really hope that I can meet up somewhen with my cousin when the sun is still shining to make some nice outfit pictures, this dress really deserves a better presentation than this. 😀
I am really happy I got the L SIZE since it is quite tight on the arms just like I read from other customers, I also had to kinda squeeze in my boobies although I don’t even have much of them xD So if you are petite, your normal size would do, if you are a little bit more, uhm, „curvy(?)“ (not-super-skinny? normal??) like me I highly recommend one size larger than normal! 😀 (Although I think its strange that I fit a Large size, I really do not consider myself „Large“ but oh well.. companies and their skinny-terror..) The QUALITY is great, a lot of people were complaining about the inner fabric of being too thick or velvet (it’s definitely not velvet guys, come on.) but I personally don’t mind this or think it’s thick at all – of course it needs to be thicker so you won’t get a scratchy feeling from the sequins! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS and would get it in every color if I had the money..  if you wanna have decent pictures of it plead to my cousin Jacky that she takes her time to take pictures for me! 😀
How do you like this dress? Do you have your favorite Christmas/New Year’s outfit ready? 🙂
Lots of love,

P.S. I booked my flight to Japan yesterday! I will be leaving on the 11th of March. 🙂
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