Februar 1, 2013

Good morning, afternoon or evening my readers!

First of all, I was amazed by the overall positive feedback to my last post! I really didn’t expect so many of you to be interested in fitness and health stuff. So I will definitely keep you up with my progress and share tips! 🙂 This post should’ve been posted on Friday but somehow Blogger didn’t mention to succeed in that…

Now this post is a tad late, but I just got Photoshop a few days ago and can finally edit my pictures! I’m obsessed with editing because I’ve been doing webdesign and stuff since I was a teenager so I reaaally love to use Photoshop. Once you got the spin it’s not that difficult at all 🙂 (Well.. that could cound for everything in life. Stupid sentence.) What I wanted to say is that you can expect more pictures of me again doing looks or outfits or reviews or whatever I tend to do.

A week ago (21st January) my mom turned one year older! This year was more difficult to find her a present because I don’t live at home at the moment and usually I’m just collecting thoughts while talking to her (she hints A LOT. I guess, that’s why I do it too. 😀 Unbeatable genetics!) but this year I didn’t really had a clue. While strolling around the city I found some stuff I liked. My mom and I are very into decorating stuff (if you couldn’t tell by now…). Actually my mom is a very mature and strong version of myself, we could also be twins I guess. Since she loves decorating so much I took a lot of effort into wrapping her presents, and I have to tell you, I NEEDED ONE HOUR before it looked almost decent, LOL. Never used foil before and that is some devilish thing, I tell you that. Never ever foil again! But since I was so proud that I made something almost-nice-looking I took some pictures for you :3 ( TO SHOW OFF, as you can see.)

 LOOK AT HOW PRETTY IT IS. (Did I mention it took me almost one hour…?)
Now what I got her is an antique looking pink „princess“ mug as I liked to call it 😀 My mom and I are heavy tea drinkers and she doesn’t like big mugs so this one was perfect. Plus, she likes all things pink and glittery and over-the-top like I do 🙂 I also got her a little plate for breakfast, I forgot to take a picture 😡 It’s what the mug is standing on. The plate was purple with litte sketches on it and underneath there was the line „Mom will solve it, somehow.“ That is just the essence of what my mom is for me: My trouble-solving person. My mom can do EVERYTHING. She did some really hilarious things in my life and all my friends know that she is Mrs Impossible XD That’s why I thought it was fitting 🙂 I also got her favorite tea from Starbucks (Vanilla Rooibos) and a gift card because she loooves the Caffè Latte but is too cheap to buy herself one. With the gift card she needs to pamper herself with some coffee in the morning 😀 😀

Also, there is one thing when I’m at home: I never leave with at least one thing in my bag. Or hand. Or, most of the time, plastic bags. LOTS of plastic bags. You know, my mom really is a hen. She was worried sick a year when I studied abroad because she always thought I layed around starving in Japan (In the end, I gained weight.) She really needs to be needed so I just let her be. It’s not that it won’t be nice, but…. when I left at her birthday I had more stuff in my arms than she received as presents!! It was just hilarious. Let me make it visual for you:

I had two huuge bags, a little plasticbag from my mother, two coats and the bag I brought with me. My mother gave me hangers (because I said on the phone I need to buy some for my „new“ closet), some boxes (because I said I need some storage stuff), really a lot of litred of my favorite drink (which I never buy because it’s expensive!), all my postage including my new parka which she all picked up herself at the post office for me, and two full cakes from my grandmother (marble cake & cheesecake / the marble cake destroyed my fitness motivation!!) It was just HUGE. And heavy. She wanted to pay me a taxi because I couldn’t carry all the stuff but my grandmother insisted to drive me (did I mention she’s 70??) I have to say we really have some power women in our family and I’m proud! 😀 Oh and for the stuff you see here… it goes like that ALWAYS. Everytime I come home, there’s something that wanders in my pocket. Sometimes my mom already prepared plastic bags for me to take home, LOL. I am really grateful to have such a kickass mom and wanted to say THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU MOM. I hope you all didn’t die from mom overload!! I didn’t have the time to prepare a new post (but I’ve got some planned!) so please bare with this little one 🙂

Thank you for reading & Talk to you all soon! Much love,


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