Mini Review Compilation, Round One: Peripera Eyebrow, Clio Gelpresso, Cettua Foot Mask

November 23, 2014

Good evening all together!

After moving to Korea, I bought a lot of stuff; be it skincare, make-up, nail polishes or smaller more trivial stuff – I would probably never be able to review all of them in detail and still stay somewhat in the present time and give you updates about my life etc. Also, some products are really not that exciting that they need a full post of their own. That’s where the idea for Mini Review Compilation posts came from – a post with various mini reviews to still give you as many reviews as possible while trying to keep this blog exciting and concise 🙂 Products that I absolutely love, that I made a look with etc. will still get a post of their own of course. Today’s post will feature:

Let’s start with the Peripera Speedy Eyebrow Wood Pencil in #Gray Brown! As the name suggests, it is a eyebrow pencil, the ones I have always used. So far I did not try any eyebrow mascaras I am probably forever lost with pencils. But that’s okay. For me, eyebrows are very important – with sloppy eyebrows or even the wrong shape, your whole look can totally change. Also, as many of you know, I am changing my hair color a lot. Depending on the hair color I also need to adapt my brows a bit because I hate nothing more than non-matching brows. I won’t dye my brows blonde when my hair is blonde but I’ll cut them short and lighten then this way into a lighter brown shade. This way, I can keep my natural color but the contrast won’t be as harsh. That’s the reason why I own (and always try new) many colors of eyebrow pencils 🙂

I’ll included my most used eyebrow pencils for color reference, Essence Eyebrow Designer in #02 and #03. I honestly don’t use #02 Brown very much because it is almost my natural shade and therefore too dark in my opinion. I do use #03 light brown when I colored my hair red or a lighter color. At the moment I have dark reddish brown hair (and I’m going crazy because I really don’t like brown hair at me…. but have to think about the money. Will go to a hairdresser as soon as I landed back in Berlin!)
The Peripera pencil in #Gray Brown…. is the opposite of gray brown if you ask me. I personally feel they should have called it red brown or something because for me, it is def. a very warm brown shade, which is perfect for my reddish brown hair at the moment. This is how it looks:

Performance: Compared to  my other pencils, this pencil’s application is very smooth. Too smooth in my opinion, it gives off way too much color and smudges easily for that reason. It does look lovely if used with a light hand though, which is what I do now. It lasts all day and doesn’t smudge or transfer once I finish application.
Would I repurchase? Probably not, because I think there are better pencils out there. It is lovely for the cheap price (about 2,50€) though and not a bad pencil per se, just not my cup of tea.
Next up is the Clio Gelpresso Waterproof  Pencil Gel Liner in #15 Bloody Devil. (And the award for longest product names goes to….. Korea!) I was, for no particular reason, searching for a reddish brown liner shade and sampled various liners in my drugstore. Proof:
I was also swatching brow pencils as you can see. While I thought Bloody Angel #14 was a very lovely shade, it was a bit too pink for my taste and therefore Bloody Devil it was. Swatches in different lighting:

It is a really lovely „smokey“ purple/pink/brown shade. I totally fell for the sparkles, so pretty!
Performance: Again, application is very smooth which makes accurate application harder. I, however, would never wear this liner on its own because it would look like an eye infection with my pale skin + light blue eyes. I usually mix this together with other brown & golden shades I have and smudge it out. It works really well that well! I am not sure about the waterproof claim but it doesn’t smudge easily once it dried.
Would I repurchase? I use this shade so little and only on special occasions that I think I will most likely never run out of this. I’m considering to buy other shades of this line as well though as I like the staying power and they do have lovely other shades. It is a bit more pricey though 12,000Won (~10€)
The other day, I figured I really need to do something about my feet. They didn’t get any attention at all from me lately. I wanted to buy a foot cream but they are really expensive here as I can only find foreign (German!) brands inside the drugstore. However, Korea doesn’t seem to be much into foot creams because they have something better: foot masks! Because my feet were in desperate need of some extra moisture I gave Cettua Foot Mask a try!
In one pack you get two plastic socks that are soaked with lotion and treatment. This is how it looks when worn after a long day of walking! 😀 The socks are plastic outside but have a fabric inside where the lotion sits so it feels very comfortable. This foot masks contains Urea, Salicyclic Acid (for exfoliation), Beatine, Shea Butter and Peppermint Oil. It has quite a strong peppermint scent, in case you are sensitive to that. You let your feet soak for 20~30 minutes and are advised to massage the lotion into your feet. I let it soak for 30~40 minutes and there was still quite some lotion left. I didn’t wear them longer because I was concerned with the exfoliation. After that I massaged the leftover lotion into my feet and changed into big fluffy socks.
After usage, my feet were a lot more smooth and soft than before! I had really gross feet before because I didn’t care well for my feet. I am very sorry feet. Now they are smooth and babysoft again! They were still supersoft on the next day.
Would I repurchase? Yes, definitely! I will make sure to grab some packs before I’ll return home, this is a great and relaxing extra treatment especially for winter when your feet suffer in heavy winter boots 🙂

Did you like these mini reviews? I have a ton of other stuff that will probably never get a full post on their own so tell me if you’d be interest in other posts like this! I think I could squeeze more content in a shorter period of time.

Don’t lose your hope because it’s almost Monday again. Enjoy your Sunday as long as you can!


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