Merry belated Christmas! [Tokyo Disneyland Resort / Extremely Pic Heavy!]

Dezember 26, 2011
So my roommate and I went on Christmas Eve to Tokyo Disneyland the very first time in our lives. It was one of the best decisions in our life I guess! 😀 It wasn’t even as crowded as all our Japanese friends promised it to be. We went there very early, so it wasn’t nearly crowded. It got more crowded around 12AM but for being Japan and Disneyland it was totally okay <: We got to ride some rollercoasters first and started with the cave of Pirates of the Caribbean 😀 Everything was artificial and made of puppets but it was really well made. Speaking of well made things, I was astonished with how much love for details the whole park is set up. There is the Mickey Mouse icon like everywhere, if you just look close enough. Everything was made up for Christmas but there was really no Christmas feeling this year; lack of coldness, lack of snow, lack of familiy and too much activities around. (In Germany every street is empty at 2PM, all shops closed and everybody celebrating at home with their families, so… this year was totally different.) 
Me on the left (with my AiW-Usagimimi! :D) and my roommate Pachi (:
We got to ride and see some important things like the disneycastle or ride the teacups from Alice in Wonderland. I bought merchandise worth 20.000Yen *cough* ^^““““  But it was my first time there and maybe I will never able to come back! One third of all the stuff I bought was for my family or friends though. Found some very nice things for them (^__^) I bought myself only Alice in Wonderland items because they were by far the coolest ones. 😀 I bought an Alice in Wonderland Cardigan which I absolutely love, a Usagi-Mimi-Hair-Thingy and a charm for my mobile phone. I also bought a tumblr of the 2011 Christmas edition as a reminder of this special Christmas Eve. I wanted to buy a tumbler anyways because I love to carry around hot tea or coffee.

Alice charm I bought (^v^)
The whole day was really fun; only minus is that we had to wait a loooong time for all the great cool things like the best rollercoasters. We couldn’t manage to visit Jack Skullington’s castle because minimum waiting time was 140 minutes every single time we visited. So we skipped it because it was only a walk-through around the building :/  We waited 100 minutes for the Big Thunder Mountain rollercoaster, the only one we rode (we rode all the more smaller things because it was too cold to wait for all the better rollercoasters.) But we were totally fine with that; we were very lucky to eat in the Queen of Hearts restaurant because it was awfully crowded the whole day; only when we went by it was nearly empty. Maybe because there was a parade going on nearby 😀  So altogether was a funtastic, very expensive, but unique day we had! I hope everyone had a nice Christmas Eve and here are the best pics out of 252 I took:
Map of the park; we liked the left side more than the right one (:
First entrance when coming from the Maihama Station nearby.

Entrance after ticket checking :p
They began soon playing Christmas music after we entered the park.

I liked that they have special Disney stores for everything, and a story behind it! E.g. the fashion store’s owners were Donald and Daisy Duck, because Daisy is so fashionable they said ;D

Disney Sweet Decorations

The Disney Christmas Tree in the entrance hall.

…as I told you. Mickey everywhere.

Minnie as decoration for some confectionary store
..joining Minnie 😀
Stich decoration! 😀 Think it’s funny he’s so freakin‘ famous in Japan…. 

We thought it being a rollercoaster but it was……. some train riding with 5 km/h and some genki Japanese to talk about the park. I spent time typing E-mails.

Tom Sawyer boat and mountain rollercoaster in the background

Jack’s castle which we weren’t able to enter X_X

Special Alice in Wonderland Vending Machine 
…love! 😀

Pachi liked them too.

this was…… REALLY strange. There was some very very weird puppet show inside which led me think of being on drugs actually…

The one and only castle.

..a MUST-ride, for me. Famous Alice Tea Party teacups.

Riding the teacups 😀

Some rollercoaster in toonworld and the last piece of waiting line to ride it.

Too much time with 40 minutes waiting.
It was only a lucky coincidence that we were able to see one of the parades; we didn’t know when and where they’ll be held and the Japanese camped for hours at the main street to see the parade. After riding the rollercoaster and leaving the Toonworld section we stumbled right into the parade which just begun. Luckily we occupied a bench to climb on it and had a wonderful view to the whole parade.
Starting with Minnie!

The Lion King 

Lilo & Stich

Peter Pan with an amazing Cpt Hook!

Most gayish Peter Pan.. xD“

Pinocchio <:
Monster AG (never saw the full film..)

Toy Story 😀

…end of the parade with Mickey.

Nice Japanese guy took that pic <:

Crowded Queen of Hearts restaurant

inside the garden
They even sell an unbirthday cake 😀

My Queen of Hearts Burger Menue
Illuminated entrance hall

where we waited 100 minutes to ride…. but it’s a nice rollecoaster nontheless (:
view while in waiting line for the rollercoaster

Everyone’s waiting for the Illumination Parade. Pachi and I went home because we were afraid of the crowdness when everybody’s heading home after the parade…
I hope you enjoyed the pictures! I’m so looking forward to visit Disney Sea next year in March with Pachi and a friend of ours from Germany! We’ll even spend 2 weeks in Tokyo, already booked the Hotel. Tomorrow is Stefan’s birthday, a friend from our university who studied with us in Berlin and is also living in Japan for a year; we made some special German warm wine for him and bought a Domo-kun pencil case 😀 Maybe spending some time in Tokyo the last days of the year because a friend from Kyoto is coming to Tokyo. Last day of the year will be spend on a boat’s trip in Yokohama Bay with most of the other exchange students from our University! Think it’ll be fun! I’m so looking forward to have some free time before the exams are starting in the middle of January…. hope everybody had a nice Christmas time!

See you soon,


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