Oktober 27, 2013
Hey my dear readers,
today is Sunday and usually on Sunday, I do nothing. Absolutely nothing. But since I moved and live alone, I get bored a lot while living alone so I’m trying to do something everyday. (If I have no motivation at all, it can be that I stay in bed until, like 2PM, and I will avoid that by any means.)
Today was a special flea market in Bonn – the so called „flea market for girls“ or German „Maedelsflohmarkt“. It’s a concept where only girls are allowed to sell stuff like clothes, jewelry etc. (Boys are of course allowed to buy or accompany!) and it happens in every major German city, mostly Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Cologne. I was SO surprised to hear that it will take place in Bonn too – Bonn is just such a small city I didn’t think the concept would take place here so I was prepared to travel to Cologne which is only half an hour away by train. Luckily, I didn’t need to and the flea market took place 10 minutes away per bus from where I live so I packed my things and went off into the autumn, windy day 🙂
I arrived short before 3PM, when the whole thing was going to start. I was so surprised about the amount of people! Bonn is so small I didn’t actually expect anyone to go but me.. but seems this is some kind of major event here 😀 (BTW, see that red square? That’s where I usually go to the supermarket, yes, been here quite often..) The entrance is on the faaaar left of this picture.
I went straight for the second floor because it was just so occupied, I had the feeling all girls living in Bonn just went there.. @__@ I think I was the only blogger there though, since I was the only one taking pictures 😀

As you can see… it was full as hell @___@ I wish there was a kind of limitation to customers because I felt like in Disneyland and I was squeezed between people more than once, constantly trying to protect my camera. 
I am not the biggest fans of fleamarkets – I love to browse through the stuff but I hardly find anything because I lack the patience to look over every single aisle. I mostly went through looking for thick sweaters, jackets or vests because it made it just so much more easy – I tend to be overwhelmed easily ^^ (Actually, this was my main problem in Japan, where stores tend to be extremely full). I found a nice woolen almost oversited grey sweater – I just love long sweaters! Got it for 4€, pretty good deal I’d say 🙂 I also found a military jacket and a fur vest but the price was too high and they didn’t drop it a cent.  
Also, there were some bitches who had reaaally strange price expectations – one wanted 6€ for a simple totebag – I explained to her that the printed ones at H&M cost 5€ but she wouldn’t budge. Some even tried to sell the freebie bag from the Nelly Event (You know, that stupid TITS&ASS totebag I ranted about..). I personally think it’s super unfair to try to make money out of freebies, but oh well, people always try.
Here’s the long sweather I bought – it just fits me like a glove, so happy! Nothing special but pretty nice for autumn – and can’t really complain for 4€. It’s a little bit loose which I like. And you can see part of my living room – it’s super old fashioned because my landlord lady is quite the lady but I got used to it (; (And no, again, I have no fullbody mirror which is the main reason of no outfit posts at all ;___;)
Sunset when walking to the bus stop. When you follow this picture straaaaight there’s a bridge and on the other side on the left is my university so I pass this spot everyday on my way to university and home again 🙂 Have to say, the sunsets are so much more beautiful – I think it’s due to more space so you can actually see the sunset and have no huge buildings cover it like in Berlin.
Although I only bought that one sweater, it was a really good Sunday! There is a night flea market with live acts twice a month in Cologne and I totally plan on going there in November, hopefully someone is going to accompany me 🙂 What about you, do you like flea markets or do you prefer shopping in actual stores? Let me know!
Lots of love,
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