April 8, 2014
My dear readers,
I am now almost a month in Japan and soooo much has happened! I didn’t have internet for almost three weeks straight and it was hell. Not because I’m addicted to internet – it was really bad that I could not get into contact with my boyfriend, family or friends at all. Especially the first weeks, when so much new stuff is happening its pretty bad if you cannot talk about it with anyone. Since it would take ages to give you a full update here just the core dates:
One day after I arrived in Japan I went to the mountainside of Japan (as if there was only one..) and was working as a Teaching Assistant for German language. I have never been teaching before nor am I an expert about German (beside the fact that it is my mother tongue) but it was so much fun yet so much stress! I was staying about a week and then I went together with some of the people from my Graduate School to visit Nikko, which was fantastic. Unfortunately, no internet available in Nikko. Again. I constantly borrowed the iPhone of a Japanese friend to at least contact my family a little tiny bit. I then went back to Tsukuba for a while where I attended a lot of lessons and seminars and met the teacher who will help me with my Master’s Thesis. I then had to go to Tokyo for 4 days because we couldn’t move in our dormitory before April 1st. One week before we finally finally were able to move into our dorm. I AM SO HAPPY.
I finally have internet, a single room, lots of privacy, my own shower/wc/kitchen (which I didn’t have last time I stayed in a dorm in Japan), my friend and I almost have everything to live by now (bicycle, rice cooker, refridgerator and stuff.) and are just beyond happy. Lessons will start very soon but I am optimistic I can update more now that I have a reliable internet connection. I almost don’t feel like living abroad because my Japanese is so much better than the last time (where I didn’t get anything) I can have normal conversations without having to think about it a lot and I also get most things the teachers are talking about so yeah, I’m pretty optimistic! 😀 If you want some details (and if you can speak German) I highly recommend you visit the blog I set up for friends&family. (There are lots of pictures there and I’m even convinced you could use Google Translate for English, since German and English are quite similar it should be okay.) Since it’s already middle of the night here, I’ll just share some recent pictures with you!
Have met in Ikebukuro with my dear good friend Myung, who is working in Tokyo atm. We studied together for one term two years ago when I was studying at Tokai University. I LOVE HER <3 And I don’t know what it is with latest purikura machines but my blue eyes are HUGE, which wasn’t the case two years ago.

 Visiting beautiful landscape in Nikko; and of course had to buy some souvenirs since I might never come back again 🙂

Lots and lots of purikura with Myung ^__^  I also bought a special version of my most favorite cookies in  Japan; this is chocolate & strawberry flavor :3  Also, cherry blossoms in full bloom at Ueno Park when I was visiting last week of March <3

We had awesome Japanese food all day long when staying in Nikko 🙂 And there’s also a mountain called „Little Fuji“ because he has a similar shape like the original one. Again, cherry blossoms at a hot day at Ueno Park! I really need to do sth about my hair, just don’t know what…

(Funny that I said I had stable internet connection; I wanted to post this yesterday but somehow my internet didn’t work. Should not say things like that I guess…)

That’s all for now! I’m having a lot of orientation courses over the week but I hope I can update you again 🙂 What would you be interested in?? I could also make a big haul post because I bought lots and lots when I was in Tokyo >__<„“ Whatever you like, tell me! 😀 Hope you’re all great and sorry for the lack of posts, lots and lots to do as a graduate student 9000km from home ^-^

Lots of love,


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