Little Valentine’s Surprise

Februar 14, 2013

Good morning my dearest readers,

I wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day! Honestly, I couldn’t care less about Valentine’s Day. My boyfriend and I never „celebrate“ because there’s just nothing to celebrate about. I don’t need a day where I am expecting someone to bring me flowers – I want flowers after work, just like that, because he thought of me on a normal day, you know? That being said, I was super annoyed by the huuuge amount of Valentine’s Day posts on my dashboard, thank you bloggers. It’s even worse than Christmas!! My colleagues weren’t any better, constantly asking about what we would do – well, nothing, because it’s Thursday and my boyfriend and I barely see each other on a normal Thursday since he has work in hospital, school afterwards and his martial arts practice in the evening (; 
Nonetheless, when I woke up today my boyfriend entered the room and he did prepare breakfast for me! I thought it was a really sweet idea of him. He knows how much I care about our dinners together (and they’ve  become awfully rare these days because we always miss each other because of work.)
He bought my favorite bread rolls which are the ones with poppy seeds on it 😀 Since I’m still doing my low carb thing he also prepared an eggwhite omelette with tomatoes and the lemon tea I can’t live without. That’s what I saw when I crawled out of my bed 😀 We had breakfast together (for the first time in weeks, maybe) and it was good to just sit there and take the time to eat together ^w^ Nothing special, but it meant something to me. 🙂
Also, I had my very very very last exam in university at Tuesday!! (If you have my FB you know because…. I posted it in every language I know xD ) It was an oral exam in Cultural Studies. We could speak about a topic of our own choice up to 10 minutes and 10 minutes the prof would ask questions. Since it was a seminar about dramatic plays, I chose to talk about La vida es sueno (Life’s a dream from Calderón de la Barca – I made a presentation about this play some months ago) and show the parallels of Platon’s cave theory. I wasn’t really sure about it all because it was really complex but the teacher liked it a lot! I even made a whole concept paper for her to show what I meant and it went reeeeaalllyyy good. (I was so afraid of this exam!) The questions she asked afterwards weren’t that difficult either so I got an awesome 1,3!! (Best you can get at German university is 1,0. Next is 1,3 / 1,7 / 2,0 and so on.) I’m so proud. Now I only have to write another research paper and my bachelor’s thesis and I will be done!! I’ll be graduating from university really soon!! That’s kinda surreal because I was in university for such a long time and now it will be over quite soon. Hopefully I’ll just continue with a master right away, but who knows! Just wanted to tell you that I feel a lot better after this exam 🙂
Short little random post today. Hope you all are enjoying Valentine’s Day, and if you’re not, make a nice day with your girls or hang out with others! Have a good day & Talk to you soon! Much love,

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