Little Ebay Haul ♥

April 26, 2013

Hello my dear readers!

Hope you all had a great week and have free time to start into weekend! ^w^ I have work Sat and Sun (EARLY SHIFT FUU…) so no real weekend for me. I also have the important interview about the scholarship I told you some days ago on Monday!! I’m so nervous already and hope I can rock it. Somehow. This would be really wonderful. 
I had the last two days off (Thu and Fri) and did nothing. I did some cooking, I browsed a looooot through the internet but I didn’t really have the motivation to do anything important. I guess, since I know I’ll be pretty busy starting tomorrow a bit of slacking may be good for my nerves 😀
My mom told me that my salary arrived (she’s watching over my money) yesterday and I thought I could buy some of the stuff I wanted for a long time now! After the fashion hauls last month I think I deserve a cosmetic haul as well. I love cosmetics! I don’t need it since I have everything important I guess but I just love cosmetics. I think I got that passion from my mom… as well. (She likes to throw the money out of the window for beautiful thinks like I do 😀 😀 ) 
So I went to Ebay straight this morning to get these lovely things from Etude House ^w^  I have to say about this: I knew that an Etude House store was in Shinjuku just a bit before I left Japan. I tried to go there but since it took us almost 2 hours from where we lived to Shinjuku we never had the time to actually go, there was always more important stuff to go to. (Plus, my roomie and I always went together and I wanted her to go to everything she liked since we only could go to Tokyo sometimes :/ ) So, I actually never managed to visit the Etude House store there… but luckily, Ebay can be a great help these days! I’m so happy that we life in an international time where you could get anything you want from around the globe. Makes you miss the country you love a little less. 

I have to say, I really miss the cuteness of Japan in my life! They just pay attention to so many details, I really miss that in Germany. I bought the Etude House Best Kit because I wanted to try out the Wonder Pore Toner! I read many reviews and everybody was in awe – unfortunately, due to my hormonal acne (which went better but is still there) my skin haaates to try out new stuff. It really is a hit or miss thing so I didn’t want to spend 15$ on a 250ml product that I would eventuelly use a week before my skin would explode. So I decided to get the Kit or 7$ which has a sample of it and also some other products. I love BB Creams so I think I couldn’t go wrong with this for the price. Plus, I read that the toner bottle is sooo big it lasts for ever and ever so I guess the sample might last a while 🙂 I’m also curious about the other products in the kit! ^-^
As for #2 you probably think „What is that? Who needs that??“ So the Japanese go insane with their brows, it’s almost a cult. As soon as I was there I started to shorten my brows because they appear lighter in color (Which matches better with my dyed hair color) and you can paint them better with a pencil. As soon as I came home to Berlin, my eyebrow scissors broke -___-„“ I was unhappy every single day since then so I decided to purchase a new one :3 It really makes a huge difference! Gonna show you befoer and after pictures as soon as it arrives 🙂
Last but not least I finally managed to buy the Etude House Missing U Peach Panda Cream! Yes, I bought the pink panda on the right, it’s the cutest package I have ever seen! I wanted this for so long I mean LOOK AT THAT PANDA. <3 Also, as a barista my hands are always dry from cleaning the dishes .___.““
This was a spontaneous post today, will make a detailed review for everything when the things arrived. Yay, finally some reviews again! Hope you are as excited as I am :p If not, I still wish you a happy weekend! <3

P.S. Oh, I forgot to mention, everything together was 17€ (20$, maybe?) 😀

Lots of love & Talk to you soon,

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