November 6, 2013

Hey my lovely readers,

Wow, these last days just flew by like the wind. I actually have a lot to do – read tons of literature for all our courses about Korean history, culture theory and Orientalism in Europe, I have to catch up with Korean because we progress really REALLY fast (if anyone can recommend a good Korean workbook – text me! The books we use are pretty bad. English/Japanese would be fine.) I have to already prepare for presentations and on top of all I’m going home in exakt two weeks, eek! So happy to see my boyfriend, friends and family for almost a week <3 (Oh this week will be SO PACKED but oh well…) Soo I adjusted pretty well to my new surroundings, I don’t feel alien anymore, I kinda sleep bad but I sleep bad most times so that’s nothing really I can change, sometimes I’m lucky, sometimes I’m not.
I have been dying to blog but my time management living alone is really bad – I need so much time for buying groceries (the supermarket is only a kilometer away, BUT ON TOP OF A HILL. I’m dying everytime on my bicycle…) and to cook for myself and and and, it’s just a lot I need to do everyday and takes more time than it took at home. But I have so many posts waiting for you, I think I have at least material for almost 10 or so. Ah, I really need to post these soon >__<  Since it’s already 1AM in the morning here’s just a quick update of the last few days!
#1 I bought this super pretty awesome little bag for halloween! We went club hopping and I realized that I only have that huge bag here in Bonn which I take to classes everyday and that in no way I have anything to go to a party, not even speaking of a club. I originally wanted to buy just a cheap tote (still waiting for money gnagnagna they said 15th Nov it should be there.. crossing fingers) but I had a discount coupon and fell in love with that bag the moment I saw it. The nude-almost pinkish color, the little leather black details, all the gold details – perfect! I also think it has the perfect size for clubbing (it’s about DIN A5) – I fit inside some of my makeup, mobile phone, keys, huge headphones, ipod etc. I wish I would go to a party more often ;_; Oh but wait, Thursday…
#2 I actually found that ring on my way home and I thought it’s way too pretty to just go to waste so I took it with me, cleaned it and here it is! I really like it although some rhinestones are missing already but it kinda has its own charm 🙂 I miss all the jewelry I left at home… and all my clothes.. aah..
Today between classes, we found out they were giving out free sample bags for us students on campus! My friend Nicola went all berserk and NEEDED to have a bag so we went back all the way to campus to see if they still had some – and they did! I actually got four bags for us two because I’m such a charming treat, ha! So we own twice the stuff you see on the picture above 😀 The content was mostly coupons and stuff but also drinks like Redbull + Caprisonne (love that drink, childhood memories!), snacks like Bifi + Chio Chips, and useful stuff like pens, markers and condoms (everything a student needs, lol). In some bags was even nailpolish wow, I was so surprised! It is absolutely not my color but I will try it out nonetheless – it’s a beige tone with golden shimmer in it, maybe it turns out more beautiful on the nails than in the bottle.. ;D

Actual picture of myself so you don’t forget my humble face, har. This was on Halloween, just short before I left for the club hopping party, it was a lot of fun! Some of my friends and I stayed until 5 AM in the morning, it was really good to dance after such a long time. And I really need to go to the hairdresser, the blond wasn’t really intended so I’ll fix that in two weeks ^w^

I hope you all had a kickass Halloween and a good start into November! It’s raining ever since November started, noooo! So be prepared for a lot of posts to come because I have everything ready, I just need to type it all out >_<“ Hope y’all doing well!

Lots of love,


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