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November 22, 2011
So finally today I fixed my blog ‚layout‘ (if one can speak of such a thing, haha xD). Originally I made it with html and liked it much better but there is no comment function – which is one of the most crucial things when it comes to blogging, am I right?  (well, there would be a way to do it but my skill is not that good to do something like that.)  
Weekend was superexhausting because there was no possibility to sleep long enough; everyday was something in the morning to do, how I hate that. (=__=) Sunday we went to Hakone the second time! Luckily it was a super hot summer day (around 25°C and sunshine)! Because on Saturday it rained all day cats and dogs in whole Japan. But Sunday was superhot I still cannot believe that it’s end of November? It’s already snowing in Germany and I sit here licking my ice cream. World is not fair I guess. Reason we went to Hakone was that we were invited forced to go to a mikangari which means to harvest Japanese mikans (tangerines). We really didn’t want to go for obvious reasons but it something our home university is involved in every year so, yeah… no chance for the little exchange students. The day itself turned out quite funny though.
Laaandscape. We drove by car, luckily. First they wanted us to walk, lol.

Mikan in full ‚blossom‘ 😀

Me trying to harvest them. There were spiders everywhere.

Stefan and Pam, my roommate. Full of fun as always :’D

Everything we earned in half an hour :’D

I lost my interest after 10 minutes and waited for the others to finish <:
The people we spent time with were all 80(!!) years or older. In Germany most people don’t even reach 80. People here start to live at 80 I sometimes think they just do so many things after their retirement! Awesome. They made a little picknick for us and even baked German bread (which cannot be found in Japan… their so called „bread“ is sick. It doesn’t even look like it :’D). After that they showed us some places and chatted a bit about the development of streets from the past until now. Was a nice day (if we hadn’t wake up so early..)
On Monday I got up at 5(!!) o’clock in the morning and went outside at half past six to catch the bus to Hiratsuka and there catch a train to Yokohama. The man sitting in the lobby and watching over us couldn’t believe I got up so early xD (usually I’m the most late bird when half of the day is already over.) I needed to go to Yokohama to apply for a Re-Entry Permit. If you go to Japan with a Visa and want to travel outside you’ll need this. Although my Visa status says „multiple“ I had to apply for this (and pay 3000 Yen…). If you don’t have a Re-Entry Permit and you want to enter Japan again you’ll only get a tourist Visa with which you aren’t allowed to study or work. So it’s really crucial thing here. Because I maybe couldn’t have done it all on my own I went together with my penfriend Reiri who I met first this day! She helped me with everything and afterwards we went out for the Chinatown in Yokohama to eat and do something together. Although she was very shy it was a nice day I spent with her (:
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