Leather Jacket Pre:View! ♡

März 8, 2012
Sooooo after my long long looooong waiting list for my jacket (I don’t know what took them so long honestly, I guess they messed up the whole thing or something… they didn’t even want to send me a message altough it took almost 3 weeks. Usual in Japan is like 1 to 3 days MAXIMUM. They’re superfast here, lol.).   Back to posting intention: When my jacket arrived I could hardly wait to stud the darling. That’s the only reason I bought it lol. Unfortunately I ran out of studs when finishing approx. half of the jacket ><  This is due to my boredom two weeks ago when I studded my boring Van slippers tehe… so of course there weren’t enough studs left for my jacket. But I’ll go graaabbb more on Sunday in Harajuku to finish my little Baby. Because it looks rather unbalanced by now you only get a preview! ;D
…I have to admit that I feel VERY badass with my leather jacket on XD
I’m SORRY that one cannot really see anything…. my hair grew so fuckin‘ long but I refuse to get a cut :< 

..proud I found the big Babies in some store in Shibuya! Beforehand I only had the little pyramide ones which I like but would be a bit lonely if I’d only used them I guess.
…oh and could PLEASE!! somebody help me out with my hair. As you can see I try to let my fringe grow out because…. life is more uncomplicated with it (it NEVER looks like you want it to) and especially in summer I find it extremely bothering. I like me with bangs but..they are so much work. But I hate how it looks atm (see first picture, half forehead is bare and half is covered @__@“)  So what do you think? Cut bangs again? Grow out? Maybe somebody knows some nice halfway-soon-grown-out-cut or sth… I’m really desperate because it looks not like I want it to. Gnaaa. My hair is a bitch. Sometimes. 
I don’t have so much more to tell… the last two days I turned into the perfect Hikikomori person. (Note: Hikikomori is a person with no social life and trying to not go out at all if not urgent. Mostly high influenced by media, television and games (what else should one do alone at home..?))  So that’s what I did since Wednesday: Watching GG, reading Books or Manga, playing Final Fantasy 7 or Pokémon Green, buying more books and surfed in the internet. I really wasn’t feeling to meet people these days ‚cause I spent literally every day with someone since I arrived in Japan and I needed a break. By now it turns out to be a bit boring already :’D I’m too chatty and feel a urgent need to be socialized so I guess it can’t be helped. Oh and I tried to go to Disneyland every second day but everyday I looked out of the window it rained cat’s and dog’s…. crossing fingers for Monday though, last day for our friend Sushi from Austria to visit!!! :O
Oh and the belly pain. Please, please, leave me alone. Go away to a place from which you will never return (please…?) But enough chit-chat for today! Feedback for jacket (for what is visible XD) and urgent hairproblem will be very much appreciated. ♥
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