Le Freak. (Review + EOTD)

November 8, 2012

Hi my dearest boys & girls,

(I’m sure there might be some males here as well!) How are you all doing? I am terribly busy with university, learning for my big exam on 12/02, working, making coffee and meeting some beloved people. I never thought there would be a time in my life where I would hardly have time to even meet my best friends. I guess I see my girls once or twice a month. That’s it. Since the four of us are living four different lifestyles (already „real“ working, studying, still in school, part-time working) there barely is a day where the four of us can meet. That’s why I hosted a game’s night last week. Although I had early shift the day after I just desperately needed to see them – and it was so good! I gained a lot of energy from this 🙂
Anyway! I realized that I haven’t done a beauty post in a loooong time. The thing is; most of my make-up is at my boyfriend’s place (because I usually go to work from there) BUT my camera is usually at home. I kinda need to change either the first or second thing, because that makes it incredibly hard to do reviews or just looks :< But now that I’m back on focus I’ll try to create some fresh new looks and finally review my Collection 2000 Glitter Eyeliner and the two Sleek palettes I bought in London! Let’s start with the amazing sparkling one, shall we..?
First the facts: Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Eyeliner are available in 14(!!!) amazing shades and are available at Superdrug for about 6$ each. I grabbed the color #5 Le Freak which is a crazy neon-turquoise shade. What impressed my most with this eyeliner was just how opaque it was! Even a single swipe provides almost 100% coverage which is amazing. Most glitter eyeliners are transparent with glitter in it so most of them look just meh. This one, however, is colored and you see the difference instantly. Compare with La Diamond Jewel Eyeliner Review I wrote some months ago and you’ll see the difference!
Honestly, I have nothing to complain about this product. The color looks exactly like on the package, it’s opaque, it’s longlasting, there’s no glitter falling down onto your skin… I just love this eyeliner with all my heart. *making a dramatic pause* I just wish I got more colors of it. Okay, you don’t need so much glitter eyeliner in your life, but… there are so many other amazing shades, I kinda wanna catch them all! 😀 Good that I head my reasonable cousin with me who said I really don’t need more than one glitter eyeliner (she even asked me why I would need even one… you’ll see little cousin, YOU’LL SEE.)
So for a look I wanted to do a make-up which is a bit more dramatic than usual but still wearable. Kinda smoky eyes gone wild or something I guess….? I had not much time for experimenting around so I went with the safe white-blue-black scheme :<

I placed the eyeliner above my black eyeliner because I thought it would be a waste for such a bright color to be toned down by a black eyeliner! 
sgsfgI personally think I could’ve done better, it looks a bit „dirty“ at some points :/ But I was in a rush and needed to cook for my mom simultaneously and took the pictures in between. I try to work more clean the next time, I promise!
How do you like this look? I personally am not a great fan of blue because it seems so obvious when you have blue eyes already. I wanna work with some purple, pinks or gold (or maybe all of them at once..?) the next time, hopefully I can do something for next week 🙂 In case you liked this look and wanna copy it, here’s what I used:
I am preparing to review both of my Sleek palettes soon too, already made some photographs of the swatches, just need to collect some looks. I honestly hate beauty reviews, especially eyeshadow ones, without a look. I mean, everybody can swatch a palette, there’s not much talent or skill behind that and I don’t really see the sense behind it. That’s why you guys always have to wait for my reviews 😀 Sorry. I’m working the whole weekend again, so SEE YOU SOON and I hope y’all have a kickass time! <3
Love, bisous and kisses! See you next time,
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