Last Week In Japan!

August 6, 2014

Dear readers,

Sooooooo. Here we are already. My last week in Japan (again). Although this doesn’t mean forever (as I will most certainly always come back to Japan for some time and may it be for shopping and meeting friends.) I know it’s a cliché to say this, but wow, that did not feel like 5 months AT ALL. The time in Tsukuba was just crazy, but then again, half a year is over so fast especially when you are adapting to a new surrounding. (Although my half year in Bonn was terribly long but that was probably because it was winter -brr- and I didn’t need to adapt since it was a) in Germany and b) I was home every now and then.)
Especially the experience of being a graduate student in Japan was very new to me; last time I was enrolled in university here as only to take Japanese language courses, foreigners majoring in a Japanese university is still quite rare, at least here in Tsukuba. I have to say I really enjoyed Tsukuba although everyone is complaining how there is nothing here. They have no idea. My last university, Tokai, on top of a mountain in Kanagawa prefecture, THERE was nothing. Here is plenty. We have shopping centers (yes, plural!), a load of restaurant, supermarkets, drugstores, everything one needs in daily life and more so I did enjoy having all that in a very close distance to myself.
I did enjoy most of my classes and I even made some really good friends here. I am not sad to leave Tsukuba as not much is holding me here; but I am sad for that one really really good friend I made here. But since she will stay in Japan for quite some time this also might not be the last time we’ll see each other, so far I have met a lot of people again that I’ve met two years ago in Japan. 🙂
Finally received my visa for Korea!! I got a 2-year-student visa as I am enrolled as a graduate student in Korea University too, although I will not graduate from there (there is a limitation to everything, two degrees are already enough work..) I am so excited for Seoul!! This is the first time abroad that I will actually live in a big city. Although I have always been in travel-distance to Tokyo I never lived there (and thank god for that, my worst nightmare..). I did study in Berlin of course but the last years I did mainly study in „rural“ areas like Tokai University (on top of a hill, cannot stress that enough, ON TOP. No bus.), Bonn or Tsukuba so I am so excited to be in Seoul!! I’m also afraid because my Korean is almost non-existent but well… it will work somehow. Has to, right?
So now that I have my visa I can finally relax; I was SO stressed because it wasn’t clear if I could get the visa in time or not as the forms from Korea University where sent extremely late to us. I was afraid to give away my passport to the embassy as my boyfriend is coming to meet me in Seoul I could have not postponed my travel plans… BUT! Everything turned out just fine and I am very happy that there will be no problems for me entering South Korea 🙂
Since it is the last week and all the Japanese in our program are moving to Germany soon we did have a lot of „goodbye parties“ to spend some last time with each other. Although I did not have many close friends herre it is always a bit hard to completely leave a place for something new.
女子会 (Joushikai) Girl’s night with all the girls from my graduate program! From left clockwise around the table: Haruka, Boseol, Sabrina, my humble self, Yurim, Yuka, Nicola and Chihiro posing in front like a pro. As you can probably tell from the picture it was INCREDIBLE HOT inside Yuka’s room. She does not own an aircon and therefore we had 40°C at least in that room, especially with all these people it was unbearable. After 1 hour we moved to Sabrina’s room because all of us were dying out of a heat stroke (but Yuka has the biggest room since she lives alone in a twin room… but well.) This was actually some hours before I got incredibly sick; we did eat a lot of different stuff and with the heat I am not surprised now that my body was collapsing.
We also had a little party with our teachers after the last seminar with some food and some last talks before we all will leave for Germany and Korea! I am really sad to loose such great teachers, especially Aizawa sensei which you see here on the left has been a great supporter throughout the whole stay in Japan I will definitely miss him!

Special take-out for all my readers. Not the whole party but most of them 🙂 Don’t mind me, this seminar has also been Wednesday from 6 – 9 PM so I’m never wearing any make-up and look… like this ^^

Alsooo on Sunday my friends and I were having a little water war! We brought a pool and water pistols, ice cream and other fun stuff to the nearby park and we’re just chillin‘ to escape the extreme heat and I have to say it worked out pretty good!

My friend Lisa and I with our water pistols, I am wearing my finest garments for lack of a bikini. Threw the top away after that because it’s old and not flattering (Usually wore it on a Sunday when I stayed indoors 😉 )

There were these Japanese kids who were very apt for playing with us (we had water guns!)
And of course we got photobombed.. after we had our little water war I was completely SOAKED as you can see but it was so much fun! Best idea ever ^__^
Today I went to the 100 Yen sushi place together with Lisa and we had a blast! It was soooo good to have some final sushi and we spend the whole day in the shopping center nearby; we didn’t really buy anything but just had a fun day together. It’s already 2AM Thursday so it’s my very last day in the dorm! I am so excited for finally moving out of here for several reasons and so excited for my time in Korea. I will prepare some blog posts for you to read but updates on my move to Korea probably won’t happen before the 23rd which is the day I can move into the dorm in Seoul, before I will just move around all the time and probably have no internet or no time for internet 🙂
Thanks to everyone who supported me that far and thanks for the good times!
See you soon 🙂
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