Korean Beauty Review: YET Moulin Rouge Lip Tint Set

Februar 2, 2015

Good evening everyone!

I can’t really sum up just how many people I’ve met over the last days – short before someone leaves the country the dating marathon starts again and I try to meet all my friends at least one more time! It is really sad to leave them (oh how I love my Korean friends, they are so great ;_; ) but I am very certain that I’ll meet them again – as I have met most of my various friends around the globe more than once and I’ll always come back to Japan and maybe even Korea 🙂 Most people think I’m too optimistic but I have actually met all of my good friends from my first study abroad in Japan 3 years ago at least one more time since then, so yeah. It’s not the end, just a new chapter.

Today I want to review the YET Moulin Rouge Lip Tint Set that really wowed me – I mainly wanted it for the packaging and I haven’t seen this brand anywhere in Korea, only online so I was curious to say the laeast. I’m glad to say I really like those lip tints and I think they’ll make a great present for anyone who is a sucker for packaging as I am.
What does it claim?Water type liquid tints of 2 intents (I think they mean „intense“) colors. Moist texture last long time without smudge.


The packaging is really unique and stands out against most lip tints I’ve come across so far. Two colors, a pink and a red, come in a sturdy box with a Moulin Rouge theme and some tips for application that are easy to understand even without being able to read Korean 🙂 I love how the tubes themselves are also designed + printed. These are super easy to find among all my cosmetics which is def. a plus 😀

These lip tints are buildable as one layer gives only a sheer amount of color which I really like – it gives a slight pop of color without being in-your-face red or pink. The pink is very true to color in my swatch and on my lips; the red however looks a lot more orange on my arm than it does on my lips as you’ll see in a bit. It is a slightly orangey red but pops up a lot more red on my lips than on my arm. I love that you can use these for either a slight color or full opacity bright red if you’re in the mood for it.

Cherry Story is a nice fuchsia/pink shade that is barely noticeable with just one layer and goes on a bit patchy with only one layer. Is buildable to a deep pink (not too bright) but not fully opaque after 2 layers, rather three with this one. Dries very fast.
Red Party surprised me a lot after swatching it on my arm – it is such a bright red, wow! Absolutely didn’t expect that. This shade is a bit more pigmented than Cherry Story and quite noticeable even with just one layer, although def. wearable daily if you stay within 1 layer. 2 layers and you get full opacity! I really really love this shade, it’s a true tomato-red that I’ve never worn before actually.



…in case you’re wondering about the different make-up: Yes, I did take those on three different days. As you can see, the color really differs depending on how many layers you use, you can build this from sheer to almost full opacity which is great, it makes it such a versatile lip tint! The consistency is, as claimed, very watery and it sinks into your lips very fast which makes layering also fuss free as you don’t need to wait in between for long.What I love most about these tints though is their staying power. This lip tints have the best staying power I experienced so far! I can eat and drink with those and although they wear down a bit, they are still very noticeable after 4+ hours, I usually just touch them up once. Definitely didn’t expect that! As every watery tint with good staying power, it is a bit drying on the lips (and really, because I get this question a lot: there is not a thing like great staying power and moisturizing. It can’t be. You can have either one of the two, but products that stay very well need to be a bit drying to stick to your skin, it’s just how it works.) I didn’t find them painfully drying though (and I have dry lips, so these should be fine for the majority of people.)
These lip tints are more pigmented and stay better than I thought so this was a full success and I definitely would recommend those if you like the colors. I will carry those around and use on multiple occasions, especially the red 🙂
Whether you’d like it for yourself or as a gift, you can get the YET Moulin Rouge Lip Tint Set at Jolse for 11,98$.

Disclaimer: Jolse has been so nice to send me this product for review purposes. All pictures have been made by myself and my opinion stated are my own & honest words and have not been influenced by a third party. I was not paid to write this review.

Have a fabulous week everyone!


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