Korean Beauty Haul May 2015 [Jolse & Ibuybeauti]

Mai 26, 2015

Hey There!

When I finally got my salary three weeks later than it was supposed to come, I immediately rushed out to make it in time for the Mother’s Day sale that Jolse was having! Since I am the biggest fan of COSRX, I was eagerly waiting for that sale to happen and I just couldn’t miss it! It wasn’t the biggest sale ever, but it was 15% off all COSRX and since I needed to buy stuff anyway (yeah, really, needed!) I dived right into. Will probably do a COSRX-only video soon if you’re up for that because I realized I.. uhh… have like 12 products or something like that.
It was also my first time purchase with Ibuybeauti and I was pleasantly surprised! I really like that store because they are stocking one of my favorite make-up brands from Korea (Luna) that for some reason is still not really popular? I don’t get it, their products are completely amazing and they make dupes for the Nars creamy concealer as well as the Urban Decay Naked palette! And since buying one product from Korea is not really worth it (you know, waiting time and stuff) I threw in some other gems into my cart as well. I might have gotten a little overexcited but then again, I didn’t buy new stuff since I left Korea so that’s pretty reasonable, right? 🙂
I was super happy with both stores; they shipped fast (arrived in Germany after 2 weeks, both at the same time), they marked down everything for customs and they both gave lovely and exciting samples that I also talk about in the video. Talking about the video: Damn, this video was JINXED. For some reason, I couldn’t speak English that day so I had to cut out like half of it (originally it was like 18 minutes…..yeah.), the lighting changed all the time so I re-recorded it and that video was even WORSE lol. Ah, still gotta practice this whole Youtube thing. Thanks for being patient with me 🙂 
Hope you like this video nonetheless and please let me know which items you are most excited about and which I should review first?
I’m off to work now. Have a lovely day! 


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