September 18, 2013

Hej lovelies,

Thank you all for your opinions about my hair crisis! I looked up pictures from last year in Japan when I had extremely long hair and decided I will let it grow long again. I am usually always good for chopping off a good few inches of hair but when oneself is that unsure maybe it’s better to just let it be. I just hate the length I have in the moment but since my hair grows really fast I should get pass that length sooner or later, just need a little bit more patience..
So what is a better thing to do then dye your hair freshly when you’re not comfortable with your own look? For me, there is hardly anything more appealing to me. I LOVE dying my hair in fancy colors, I always have and I seldomly stay for long at one color. ^^ As you all know I am no longer working at Starbucks so I can dye my hair the freaking color I want, YAY! I was really unhappy that year with bronish-blonde BORING hair.. that’s just not me. My hair needs to pop 😀
I went to the drugstore on Monday on the way to my lovely friend Susann who said she would dye my hair if I liked. (my bf doesn’t want me to dye my hair at home.. because.. well, I don’t know. I think he thinks the bathtub is fire red afterwards, maybe?). I made my decision in five seconds and chose the SYOSS METALLIC RED-COPPER shade 6-27. It was the exact shade I wanted (not too dark/cherry red with a hint of warm copper in it, love it!) plus it was currently on sale for 2.90€ thats SO cheap! Considering I always need at least two bottles with my heavy thick hair. Altogether was 6€ when usually a single bottle would cost me that much.. bargain! 😡 I was a bit suspicious because it was so cheap but you can see the result for yourself..
FREAKING. LOVE IT. It’s a very vibrant copperish red and turned out even a bit brighter than on the package which is rare. The emulsion itself had the color of blood and my friend hat lots of fun dyeing my hair xD Since my hair is so thick I could’ve used three bottles because it almost wasn’t enough, my friend spent A LOT of time trying to cover my almost blonde hair with the red.
I am really amazed that I got such a bright color from a drugstore dye, wow, didn’t expect that! It also covered my roots very well (we are speaking of almost blonde hair and dark brown roots!) Of course they are still somehow visible but the color turned a great dark red while it is more vibrant on my already dyed hair which is of course expected. I am super curious if this washes out in two washes or stays maybe a bit longer.. I hope it does because it would be such a shame. In case the color proves to be awesome and doesn’t fade after the first or second wash enourmosly I will go to the drugstore and buy every single bottle I can get. I will never have a cheaper haircolor! 😀 What do you think of the results..? I will report how well the color stayed, maybe I’ll even try to make a picture after every wash to record it :3

😀 Sorry for lack of any hairstyling, I just flew off the bicycle before taking these pictures ^w^ Were the only sunny five minutes yesterday… but I definitely need to get a decent haircut, at the moment it’s just.. growing. And you can see that. Luckily I still have a gift voucher for a haircut so I will get it done before I move apartments in October 🙂 What do you think of such bright hair colors? Bright reds always make me happy ^w^

Thank y’all for reading and have a splendid week!
Lots of love,


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