Joined Giveaway, Princess Mimi Lenses, Birthday Party and my first follower! :D

Juli 6, 2011
I found this really awesome giveaway and had to join.. it’s held by Little Forest Girl who celebrates her 200 followers on her blog! Very excited about that (: I think it’s a rather generous giveaway because she gives 3 pair of Princess Mimi Lenses to her readers away! *still amazed* xD I am also deeply thinking about getting a pair of Princess Mimi Circle Lenses but I’m still not convinced.. sometimes, they just look amazing and stunning on a person and if it comes to another person they just look… plain and boring. So I still don’t know if I should buy these or not… but maybe I will at the end of this month 😡 I think I may buy the Sesame Gray or Apple Green… or.. maybe… both xD
I think the Sesame Gray would suit me much because I have light blue eyes with a greyish hint.. they are really light in natural. But I’m fascinated about the Apple Green one’s so maybe I should buy a pair of both of them because otherwise I’ll regret it *sigh* <.< 
I also wanted to share with you a few photos from the weekend where we held my birthday party on Saturday! ^-^ It was a reallyyy funny night, I made a strawberry punch and nearly everyone get drunk because I dumped the strawberries in half a litre of vodka for a whole day xD So sorry guys! But it tastet real good, I exclusively drunk the punch (because I’m always afraid of mixing drinks with alcohol..)
Strawberry Punch! I made this with a kilo strawberries, a bit sugar, approx. 200ml Vodka (this is what the recipe is telling, I used about 400ml because my strawberries were not swimming.. xD), 2 bottles of sparkling wine and one bottle white wine. I froze half of the white wine as icecubes, so that the punch will not get watery during the party (:

My beloved cousin Jacky on the left and me on the right.

Together with Tabea (middle) and Cindy (right)! They are just so cute girls. ♥

This Hello Kitty Cake was made by Tabea… this SERIUOSLY is the HEAVIEST cake I ever ate! It has been 4 days now and I still have half of the cake in the fridge… when I’m eating a tiny bit of the cake I’m feeling as if I had eaten a pizza or so! o.O But very delicious one~

So here are a few things I got as birthday presents.. just SO nice things from everyone!!
This was a present from Pachi – she will be my room-mate when living in Japan for 10 months! She also gave me a Japanese Tofu Cookbook and a kinda strange manga xD

This is what I get from my beloved boyfriend Niko♥ His parents gave me a LAPTOP because I’m moving to Japan in Septembre…. this was so generous, I could not believe it! The Laptop was not new but hardly used so it feels like a new one.. I really was surprised about this present O.O
Rilakkuma pouch, Tabea gave to me. I’m now owning the one in the lowest row, third from left. I yelled, because I was so happy about this sweet gift! ^-^
I have still so many to tell, some reviews on beauty products and still some photos and stories about a friend and me making Okonomiyaki! So please stay tuned, I will update soon… I have to quit now because I have exams on Friday and next Thursday and I haven’t done ANYTHING… last week on university is so terrible! I need holidays ;_; Oh and btw, today I received my first follower, I was so happy about that! Just wanted to say hello to Jennifer, thank you for following dear! ♥

P.S. I have a problem.. sometimes I can comment on posts an other blogs and sometimes I can’t. If there shows up „Comment with Google Account“ I can write a comment but the comment will not be posted because it never accepts my verification at the end when you have to type some letters inside the box and dont know whats going wrong… I also cannot leave a comment on Jennifers blog either and that really pisses me off. Any ideas anyone?

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