Februar 24, 2014

Hello my dearest,

Only two and a half weeks left before I’ll leave for Japan again! It’s crazy I only arrived about a week ago and need to leave so soon. It sounds so exciting but it is also very tiring I am in SUPER STRESS at the moment because I try to use my time, meet all my friends, family, have time with my boyfriend and everything. The time before you leave for a longer time is always the most stressful >__< Although I am happy to go back I wish there would be a little more time to just relax and don’t care in between.
From March on, I will finally receive my scholarship! 😀 Woho! MONEY! I am soooo pumped and can’t wait until I have money to throw it out my window. No, of course I’ll save some for Korea (since we will reveive a good amount less money there) but the first scholarship payment I will go shopping. Hardcore. In Shibuya and Shinjuku, YEEHA. Yes, I am excited. I am studying for almost 5 years now and never really had money. Soooo I compiled a little wishlist today for all the things I look forward to in Japan! ^___^
Luckily, I’m going from March on which means I will totally be in time for cherryblossom period in April!! Cherryblossom was one of THE events in Japan two years back that made me so so happy. It’s magical when half of Japan is a dusty rosy color and everyone is drinking and eating and laughing in the parks. So great! I am also a big sucker for sakura-themed merchandise (PINK!) especially Starbucks items because these are limited to Japan and not available anywhere else. Unfortunately they are sold out sooo quick (and already on their website) so I dearly hope I will at least get my hands on one tumbler ;__; Last time I was there only the ugly ones remained after few days.. but this time, I have a Starbucks café at campus! How awesome is that?
Main reason I waited to buy myself Nintendo’s newest gaming system: I had no money. No money means no gaming. But there’s another reason why I wanted to wait until I got to Japan: The new DS have a regional code, which means you can only play the games of which country your DS is. We only have the most stupid games in Germany (mostly Barbie or LEGO related….) and most of the really really cool games never reach Germany. So my masterplan is to stock up on enough games in Japan so that I will have enough to play even if I come back to Germany 😀 I especially love the Taiko no Tatsujin and Hatsune Miku games <3 <3 <3 Also, the 3DS is almost 100€ cheaper than in Germany! O_O
Although Etude House is a Korean brand I know that there is a store in Shinjuku where one can get all these nice items. Last time in Japan I learned too late that there was an Etude House store and I also didn’t have the time +  money to go there so I will definitely go this year. I don’t want to wait until Korea so I might get some stuff beforehand to try it out and decide if I like the brand – the packaging is to die for and I also plan to buy huuuuge amounts of cosmetics once in Korea.
I will also shop at Glad News and Ghost of Harlem, two of my most loved clothing stores in Japan, go to Shibuya 109, take thousands of Purikura, eat Sushi, Okonomiyaki, Gyudon and all the other things I love and visit lots of Izakaya together with my friend Nicola :3 So excited! I hope I find enough time to do everything I planned to go because I fear we might get quite busy with graduate school… 
If there’s anything amazing I missed about Japan feel free to leave me a tip in the comments ;D
Lots of love,
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