I’m going to London!

September 20, 2012

Hello beloved ones,

When has your last shopping trip been? Mine certainly was quite some time ago. Therefore, I have some exciting news to share, I’ll be going to London from 24. September to 27. September together with my cousin Jacky! We planned this already when I was still in Japan but I didn’t know my work schedule yet and because I only started work this week I was quite sure I wouldn’t get that much off, but… my boss is the best and she promised me it will work – and it did!
We booked a flight and hotel online and… we forgot to look up the location of the hotel (because we looked up one with a similar name and thought it was the same) and it’s fucking outside London!! Actually, it’s near Gatwick Airport XD So we have to travel inside London everyday, but well… the connection is not that bad and after the first shock we just dealt with it. Booking fees for another hotel would have been SO incredibly expensive and it’s cheaper to travel by train everyday. After this, I looked up all the stores and places I wanna go to! We wanna do a mix of heavy shopping, sightseeing and culture
It’s the first journey my cousin and I are doing alone and I am so excited! My cousin’s only 2 months younger than me so we are more like sisters with breaks inbetween. We went to the same school when we turned 13 and she’s one of my very best friends so I’m really excited for this journey. It will be our first time travelling to London, I’m just sure we will have a kickass time. Speaking of excitement, I wanted to share with you my WISHLIST I made for this trip <3
Heel #1 / Heel #2 / Heel #3 by Iron Fist

I absolutely fell in love with Topshop when I was in Japan but I never bought anything because it was so expensive! Now when I’m going to London I will at least buy one piece because I always love their collections so much. This studded cardigan would be my first choice! I also loved all the high heels by Iron Fist but of course, I wouldn’t fit in the Japanese sizes. That’s why I’m trying to catch some monster heels in London 😀 Just adore the crazy heels they have! 

Also, I’ve always been a huge fan of Dr Martens and I really need a new pair, they are also great for winter! I actually love the floral print one in dark grey sooo much, I’d buy it in an instant if I can find them. Last but not least I shared my excitement for the Sleek Make-Up palettes which I am dying to try! Of course I’m very curious about other cosmetic products as well and I’ll make sure to catch some exciting ones to share here in my blog afterwards 🙂
Have you ever been to London or the UK? Do you maybe have some shopping or insider tips to share with me? I would appreciate anything from a local or somebody who went already! 😀  I already scheduled some posts so there won’t be any breaks in this blog. I’ll make sure to give you all the shopping details and pictures next week when I’ll be back! ^_^ I already have a zillion locations I wanna go to, I’m super excited what we can do in time. I am sooo excited agsjnafaks I guess you can tell.

Have an exciting week everybody and I look forward to every tip I can grab 😀
Much love & see you next time,


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