IEKS! Where did all my comments go?!

Juni 28, 2012
Today I changed the name of my blog. Main reason is, that I named my blog when I still didn’t know what kind of blog this is gonna be and the name really didn’t suit the blog’s current form. (In case you can’t remember, my old name was „neonwolken“ which is German for „neon colored clouds“ – I didn’t really put effort into naming my blog…)  I write in English so it’s really odd to have a German word as domain name plus I wanted something that expresses the content of this blog better. I went for ColorCrrush since I mainly blog about beauty and make-up related topics and my make-up is in general very bold and colorful, so I thought it’d match.
Since you can change your name very easily on Blogger I didn’t think about all the consequences that’d come with it! o__O“““ None of my sites worked afterwards and worse of all ALL MY COMMENTS ARE GONE!! I can still see all of your comments on my Disqus site but I don’t know how to switch them to my site. I am just supersupersad, why didn’t I think of that?! It’s odd though that they appear on my Disqus but not on my actual site although I changed the blog url in Disqus as well. If anybody appears to know how to solve this, please leave a comment! If you don’t know please leave a comment too because I am so sad all my comments are gone T__T“ At the moment I feel like this:
Despite that fact I really like my new design (I know I only had the old one for 1 or 2 weeks… but it was too pink, too colorful, too…. too much. I didn’t feel good with it.) I am really sorry for all unanswered comments to my last post :/ I still hope there’s a way to solve this problem..
Hope you like the new name + new layout, please see below for my DIY Decoden Tutorial in case you haven’t seen it already 🙂 AND LEAVE A COMMENT IF YOU LIKE XD (This will be my new blog insider for the next month I fear, haha.)  See you all soon! I am off watching Game of Thrones with my roomie with a giant box of nachos with melted cheese sauce to fight my anger.
– Sam.

P.S. I just realized…. I hope my follower can even see that post and didn’t get disconnected because of the change of name?! O__O““ If that happens I def. drown myself in my cheese sauce.

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