Hungover Day.

Dezember 9, 2012

Good evening to all of you,

how have you all been? I have nothing much to talk about this weekend since I have the worst hungover in ages. I was at my boyfriend’s parents company where they held a Christmas party. They are having the party every year and I’m always so looking forward to it! Sadly my boyfriend is still away but I went nonetheless, kinda part of the family after so many years I guess ^_^ I mostly danced with his bigger brother, talked to his parents and chatted to some new people. Somehow, I drank too much and although I behaved okay I was feeling really bad inside. I can’t quite remember the last 30 minutes and only partial my taxi drive home with a friend of mine. When I wake up today in the morning I didn’t know how bad this day would be. It felt okay at first but after I had breakfast I felt really dizzy and bad and just went to bed again until 3PM. I was in a really bad mood so I didn’t do anything today 😀 
Only activities today: Eating a lot of noodle soup, drinking a lot of tea and watching a looot of my favorite TV series! 😀 I have absolutely no motivation do to anything productive. I don’t want to go to universitym don’t wanna go to work, I just wanna stay in bed all day, watching TV series, eating stuff and drinking tea. That would be nice. I personally think I miss my boyfriend. I call him everyday to tell him about my day and I just really wish he would be here again. We were apart nearly the whole year and it’s too soon for me to be away again! I need love and cuddling and all that stuff especially since it’s become SO FREAKING COLD in Berlin. There are masses of snow everywhere (usually no snow before January) I actually think I’m living in Finland or Sweden, that’s at least how it looks and feels here. But well, my boyfriend will be here in just a bit more than a week and I hope we can at least enjoy the last 2 weeks of this very very short year for us two. In the meanwhile, I’ll continue to watch my new favourite TV show „New Girl“. Zooey Deschanel is just as clumsy as I am, feel very reflected on this show, lol.

That’s how I look after being super unproductive for about a week now. I should be ashamed, maybe. If you don’t know this show, start to watch it! It’s hilariously funny and the main character is a bit too similar to me. It sometimes hurts to watch, lol. 
Tomorrow I’ll head to university again and afterwards I’m meeting my cousin Jacky. We have that little cousin tradition that we always visit the Christmas markets together, I’m really excited ^_^ With all the snow it will be beautiful! Sorry for this nonsense post, I just… didn’t do anything today. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!
Much love & See you soon,
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