Huge Happy New Year Japan Haul

Januar 5, 2015

Good evening everybody!

Thank you to everyone who sent me Christmas and/or wishes for the New Year! I feel really blessed with such interactive and above all sweet readers! As you all know, I have been in Japan the last two weeks to visit one of my best friends and former roommate Pachi. We had an amazing time that didn’t only involve Christmas at Disney Sea (although probably the highlight), but also singing our lungs out at karaoke, eating my favorite Japanese food (sushi & okonomiyaki), taking purikura and go shopping, of course. Pachi and I have always been the worst shopping buds for each other. „Oh, but you need to buy that, it’s perfect for you!“ We are definitely not saving money together, that much is for certain 😀 I didn’t really take any pictures because there are plenty pictures of Japan already on this blog and it would have been the same as usual anyways, so… if you’re interested in that I recommend searching for the posts tagged with „Japan“ 🙂 Anyways, on to important stuff: I present to you, The Haul.

As you can see, I didn’t hold back on this one. I used this trip to get some things that I forgot to buy in bulk last time and of course, I couldn’t pass on Disney merchandise and even one Fukubukuro (=lucky bags that are sold in Japan usually from 1/1 – 1/3 and have more worth inside than what you pay) they are just way too tempting. Luckily, I did not buy any clothing fukubukuros. I looked up my favorite brands later and I hated all their bags with boring stuff so I am happy I didn’t buy any of those. I did buy two clothing items, a unicorn sweater and a gothic-ish stadion jacket though which unfortunately didn’t fit into the picture anymore. Let’s take a closer look! 🙂

Bought three refills of that gorgeous Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid Self-Foaming Face Wash that has the golden PH-level of 5,5 and feels like fluffy clouds on the face. It was really hard to find the refills, only one drugstore in Ikebukuro had them! It is worth though as you pay 300Yen less for the refills than the packaged one. Also got their newest item Kiwamizu, which is a toner that is supposed to cut down on oil production, so should be a good match for my oily skin. Also picked up two sunscreens, one from Hada Labo and one from Bioré which are both very popular. I fear my newest sunscreen from Missha is breaking me out big time, so maybe I’ll have more luck with those. As a fan of my daily vitamin C serum, I bought a pack of vitamin C masks that an acquaintance recommended to me. Also, Heroine Mascara as well as the Fancl cleansing oil (….that smells like cheesecake!!) are very popular items that I wanted to try out.
MERCHANDISE (aka anime and cutesy stuff)
I already showed you the Disney stuff I got at Disney Sea so I excluded those. I did get an iPhone 6 for Christmas (well….my mom made me a contract and I will pay for it every month so it’s not exactly a Christmas gift. She pays the first two rates though, thank you Mommy! <3) so I needed a case. Which country has the cutest cases ever? ….right. I wanted a Sailor Moon case but the ones for the iPhone 6 get only into production in January, so my dear Pachi will have to pick one up for me then. In the meantime, I settled for this adorable Little Twin Stars case with star-shaped rhinestones on it ^w^ I also got unicorn stickers, Card Captor Sakura and Sailor Moon Jupiter themed ballpoint pens, a unicorn that is actually a travel hairbrush + mirror, a Magica Madoka key holder, a Sailor Moon charm to resume with decoden once I get home and a Sailor Moon Saturn key chain that I use everyday because otherwise I would totally use my key card for my dorm the second I put it anywhere. (….can you tell I love unicorns and Sailor Moon?)

SWIMMER FUKUBUKURO (cutesy stationary/kitchen item)
I was debating back and forth if I should get this fukubukuro or not – to be honest, I was already sold with the cute purple unicorn bag. That’s how you get customers, jepp. Swimmer is a brand that sells a lot of everyday items, kitchenware and stationary in a cute design. It’s mostly just small stuff and I decided I can’t really go that wrong on this one. The bag was 3000Yen which is only 20€ at the moment so I decided it was worth the risk! What you see here is in fact not everything; I did threw out some things that I absolutely didn’t like and that were also too heavy to carry back to Seoul just for the sake of taking a picture of it. So the contents you see here is what survived, and it’s still a lot: Stickers, bathing sponge, eyelash curler, nail scissors, a bisquit-shaped purse, a towel, two puches, a hairbrush……you get it. A lot of stuff for only 20€. Here are my favorites out of everything:
I really love that bisquit-shaped purse!! It’s actually quite big because it is folded in half. I think that alone is worth 10€ or probably more. I can’t wait to use the bathing sponge it’s so so fluffy and soft. The towel is perfect to put in my bag and I can always use pens, scissors and a hairbrush. The thing on the upper right is actually a lunchbox, but I will use it as a tower for my jewelry and piercings. Finally something to put all my jewelry and piercings in order, yeah! And a cereal bowl and tupper ware is something a student can always use, so. Very content I bought this 🙂 If you’re into cute everyday goods you can’t really go that wrong with Swimmer in my opinion. Only downside that I foolishly didn’t think of…. I somehow have to get all that stuff back to Germany. Uhmmm…well, I still have 3 weeks left, I will somehow make it work I guess 😀
I also bought quite some souvenirs which I won’t display here because some of my friends are reading this blog and I don’t want them to get a spoiler. I also bought the rest of my mom’s birthday presents as her birthday is short before I’ll be coming home this month. 🙂 Although I bought this much I came home perfectly with 20.5kg! Pretty proud of myself. Now I only have to get home with the 50 kilos I accumulated in Korea….oh well, how I hate coming home from studying abroad. They should make special airplane tickets for students abroad that are able to carry more kilos than usual 🙁
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this haul! Have a fabulous start into the new week.
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