How I Got My Skintype Wrong MY WHOLE LIFE!

März 20, 2015

Hey There,

After two weeks of social busy bee’ing and gloomy dark weather in Berlin, I finally had the time (and also the weather! Hate to be that dependent on the daylight…) to record another Youtube video 😀 Still not comfortable, but we’re getting there. I guess. Maybe. 
If you’ve been a reader of this blog before, you probably know that I always declared my skintype as somewhat „normal leaning towards oily“. That was the best guess I could take but I actually had not a single clue what my skin actually needed because my skin is so confusing. I always had some „symptoms“ of oily skin (blemishes, shine, clogged pores, blackheads) but on the other hand, some things that others with oily skin reported (make-up/eyeshadow wouldn’t last or transfer, waking up with a greasy feeling on the face etc.) never happened to me so I was a little bit lost. I am currently seeing a derm about my acne issues and he recommended that I go see an aesthetician to free those clogged pores of mine on a daily basis. When I got there, they actually had a „welcome set“ for new customers which was a treatment along with a professional skincare analysis – it was only 12€ more than the treatment alone so I thought, heck, I really need to know because something is weird. Curious what skintype I really got? Find out in my latest video 😀
So….yeah. Almost…close… I guess. The weird thing is though, I have been doing reviews for years on the premise that my skin is normal to oily and usually the things that worked well for me did work well for the readers of mine who indeed have oily skin (or maybe we all are wrong about our own skintype… :P) Anyways! I will update at least the latest and most popular of my reviews with the new information so future readers will get more accurate information. I hope y’all are not mad for me for suddenly changing skintypes LOL. I was really convinced but.. nothing’s certain in this world I guess (deep thought moment.)
I hope you enjoyed this video, let me know what you think! 🙂 If you would subscribe to my channel that would totally make my day! It’s just so much more fun when people are actually watching what you’re doing. Also if you haven’t entered my COSRX giveaway yet, you really should. Crossing my fingers for all of you! What skintype do you, my readers, have? I’m curious now!
Have a kickass weekend everyone!
Lots of love,


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