Harajuku Haul + OOTD + Fleamarket Gets! ♥

Juni 12, 2012
Although it rained cats and dogs on Saturday I went to Tokyo because my dear good friend Susann moved to Tokyo on Monday and lives now in a small apartment near Ikebukuro. I met her in March so it was not a super big reunion but nonetheless we had a looot of stuff to discuss and to catch up! I met her in the evening to do a sleepover at her place (it takes me nearly 3 hours to get there so it’s way too tired to visit her and go back on a single day) and decided to go a bit earlier to do a bit shopping in Harajuku!
It was my first time ever to be all alone in Tokyo! I’ve always been accompanied by Pachi or other friends. I am really a „single shopper“ kind of a person: I usually hate to shop together with others because I can’t go to a shop three times and think if I wanna buy the piece or not, lol xD I also love to browse through stores although I don’t intend to buy anything, I just like to watch and observe what’s new. I always think that my friends will be annoyed by my shopping behaviour so that’s why I prefer to go alone. I’m also a bit more shy to buy things when I’m in company (although it makes no sense.)
Sooo. I bought a lot of stuff but didn’t spent so much money what surprised me a lot! I only spent about 70$ although I bought a skirt, top, training pants, false lashes, eyedrops, two bags and some accessoires! I remember how surprised I was at home cheap shopping at Harajuku is, I always imagined it to be super fashionable and expensive but it’s really a good place to shop <: I first went to Forever 21 because I saw that they have a leopard blazer in the newest issue of Zipper! Unfortunately it’s not launched yet; neither in the shop nor in the internet. >__< But I found some other stuff and decided to take -exciting drum roll- OUTFIT PICTURES! 😀  These are my first outfit pictures EVER on this blog. I don’t have a mirror where I live and nobody to take pictures of myself and no tripod so actually… I can’t take outfit pictures. So I was getting all excited in the dressing rooms of F21 and I am proud to present you my amateurish pictures XD :3

This is what I wore that day. I also had a dark grey blazer with me since it rained like hell outside. Pachi lend me her Doc Martens because I don’t have any shoes in Japan which are suited for heavy rain. You can’t really see it but I wear my favorite pair of fake-leather pants! 😀

..aand this is what I ended up buying. The colorful feather top is very loose and longer as it looks here, I just stuffed it into the skirt to get a bit more taille, lol. I really loved the color of that skirt but I didn’t like the fact that there’s a shorter skirt beneath (see that?) I found that really strange so in the end I bought a similar one in dark blue which had a longer skirt beneath the transparent part. Would still like a skirt in mint green though〜 So that’s how I look from tip to toe! I’ll def. do regular outfit posts once I’m back in Berlin where I have all the stuff do to it right.
 I met Susann at 7 PM at Kami-itabashi where she lives with her cousin. We just spent the whole evening eating pizza, drinking beer and endless chatting! We went outside for more snacks around midnight I guess and got chocolate cookies, chips with curry flavor, American dog, Yakitori and a Teriyaki burger! (….guess which time of the month?! Lol :3) We went to bed around half past 1 AM and slept until 10 AM since we wanted to visit a fleamarket for the first time in Japan!
Fleamarkets are not as popular in Japan as they are in other countries. For example, there is more than one flea market a week in every part in Berlin, I guess that would be something around 15 – 20 a week. In Tokyo, I only found 2 regular fleamarkets and one fleamarket at Yoyogi Park which is held monthly and which was this Sunday! We had absolutely no expectations and.. we loved it! Since Yoyogi Park is right in front of Harajuku, the fleamarket consisted of 80% fashion goodies. Mostly T-shirts, mostly female but everything in between could be found!
Approximately a third of the fleamarket at Yoyogi Park
Keep on reading for more pictures, purikura and my fleamarket gets! :3

There were a lot flower prints, some „famous“ stuff like Liz Lisa and ANAP clothes with special tags, some rockabilly, lolita and gyaru stuff inbetween, it was a great mixture! Most clothes were about 300 – 1000 Yen! I didn’t really need clothe since I bought some stuff the day before but I ended up buying two little bags! One colorful bag from Levis (which I found out in the train on my way home) and a really old leather funny pack with thousands of studs and buttons from an old Japanese punk rocker! He was so cool and his punker girlfriend was extremely beautiful! I only paid 500 Yen for the bags (:  There was also an open stage project next to the fleamarket where anybody could go and perform (at least judging from the performances it seemed like really *anybody* was allowed to..)

Icecrushers in lemon and melon, super refreshing <3
There were also a lot of little stores where you could buy fresh cooked food like Okonomiyaki, Yakisoba, Sausage, Takoyaki and also some foreign dishes from Thailand or India. (: We went for ice crusher in Lemon (the salesman recommended it when I asked him was the the best selling flavor was) and Melon since it had about 30 degrees that day! We had some sausage later since it’s a bit hard to find in Japan and I really miss good sausage from home!
The sausage was okay. Sorry for the unflattering picture, lol! :3
It was a really nice day and we spent the whole day outside chatting and laughing! Susann bought a big cussion that looked like a fish and was made out of a lot of different fabrics <: The woman from which she bought it was really happy that it’s finally gone, lol. Don’t know how long she tried to get rid of it! After the fleamarket we only dived about 100 meters into Harajuku for buying a little mirror for Susann. We then decided to head to Shinjuku for purikura and make-up stuff since Harajuku was CROWDED LIKE HELL. Honestly, never ever visit Harajuku on Sunday it’s like hell on earth. I usually try to go there weekdays in the evening so we headed over to Shinjuku which is only 2 stations away (:

WE ARE FABULOUS!! XDD Actually we tried to imitate something else but somehow this .. thing came out. We are both zodiac cancer therefore the big crab in the picture! 😀 Oh and ignore my sexy flipflops, it turned superhot that day and I don’t fit in cute shoes in Japan ;_;

We took the purikura at Shinjuku and I went home shortly after since the weather got really dark and stormy and I was afraid to walk up my little hill in nowhere in the middle of a big storm. Here’s everything I got during that day (except for the clothes):

Vintage Levis bag with awesome print from the fleamarket for 500 Yen and the used leather fanny pack from the old Japanese punkrocker, also for 500 Yen! 😀 I also got the Mameshiba hand & nail cream (Mameshiba for president!), Anmiel fake lashes in 200 Cute with promotional wash peeling (was discoumted for 700 Yen) and finally the Rohto Lycée Eyedrops for wearing contact lenses. I’ll let you know how these products turned out for me when used! :3

It was a wonderful day and I hope for a lot more to come for the time we both are still in Japan! I’m kinda sad that she won’t be there when I’m back in Berlin, we used to hang out nearly every week. I guess that’s a thing when growing older, everybody needs to find their own way which sometimes leads apart! I am though VERY thankful that we have 2 months together in Japan, not everybody’s friend will follow you to Japan 😀 Her & my birthday are soon, so expect more pictures to come soon! Hope everybody enjoyed this random post :3

Until next time,

– Sam.

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