Happy Hippo Wedding!

September 6, 2013

Hello lovelies,

As I told you, I attended a pretty special wedding ceremony last week. The daughter of my mom’s boss wed her boyfriend in the zoo, how awesome is that? I used to play with her when I was a child and my mom and her boss are friends for more than 20 years now so we got invited 🙂 I haven’t seen Marie in a looong time but I was so happy for her! It really was a special day, I didn’t even know before that you can marry in a zoo.. but apparently you can and they chose the place where the hippos live. HAPPY HIPPO ACTION!
It was only a small ceremony since it is suuuuper expensive to marry at the zoo, I think only to „rent“ the place for 2 hours cost over 600€ >_<“ But well, hopefully you only marry once in your life so it might be worth it in the end, right? 🙂 
 HIPPOS! 😀  / The little installment where the ceremony took place with only family & a few friends / Wedding table <3
Unfortunately I ran out of akku with my camera so I couldn’t cover the whole event ;_;

MORE HIPPOS! I think I took more pictures of the hippos than of the rest of the ceremony, lawl. Picture with my mom & her wife & me. Family picture! 😀 I look kinda pregnant because I have to wear some sort of corset for my back pain under my clothes.. ._.“ (it helps though! But it’s REALLY warm.)

Marie & Bjoern are wife and husband now, wohoo! 😀 Look how happy they are <3 It was really difficult to get good pictures because the lighting in the hall was awful >_<“  This was the best I could do :/ After the ceremony we walked around the zoo and took lots of pictures. Luckily it was such a bright day! Also, we were allowed to feed the hippos and got to look „behind the curtain“ it was really cool and awesome for the kids 🙂 The wedding was on Tuesday and the official church wedding + wedding party was held on Saturday and was F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S. I have to wait for the pictures but I can’t wait to share them with you!! Marie was stunningly beautiful in her wedding gown, aww <3
I’m really in the mood of getting married myself now 😀 Actually my boyfriend thought about proposing to me somewhen this year or next year but since I am going awa to Bonn + Japan + Korea he said I’ll at least have to wait until I get back. He doesn’t wanna marry me when I’m not with him… I can kinda understand that ^^ Although it is a pity 😀 Well, we’re still young, no need to rush it. Though I have to say I really wanna marry this man, been together for over 6 years and it’s still amazing 🙂

Crappy mobile phone quality but aw, that bridge was to die for! It was meant for the wedding couple but I just couldn’t resist…I didn’t even know our zoo in Berlin had such a bridge! Guess you’ll never be too old to learn new things…

Anybody of my readers married yet? No? Well I hope if you do, you will share your romantic wedding pictures with me 😀 Have to say this was a really different yet amazing event and I was happy to get invited. I wish those two all the luck in the world! Super romantic pictures from the church will follow in part 2 🙂

Lots of love & talk to you all soon!


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