Mai 9, 2014

Here comes part II

of my shopping haul at Harajuku! I wanted to post this two days earlier but somehow the pictures I took disappeared -__-“ I really found a lot of things that day and if my budget would have allowed it I would’ve gotten a lot more. I usually don’t find that much at Harajuku since the style is moreover all the same but that day, since I was short on money, of course I found lots and lots of stuff. Had to make some sacrificies over other things but thats just how life works, right?
Since I have shown you my Etude House haul already this one covers the clothes and accessoires I got at Harajuku. Depending of what kind of style you’re into I’d recommend shopping at the „main street“ Takeshita Doori (mostly sweet style) or at the basement floors at Harajuku La Foret (Grunge/Lolita/Gothic/Subculture-ish, I could buy anything there if it wasn’t for their horrendous prices sometimes). Since Takeshita Doori is really always (ALWAYS!) crowded I prefer La Foret because it is mostly non-crowded. However, the prices differ a lot from the at Takeshita Doori so be aware 🙂 
(I apologize in advance for my very consistent inconsistent style. I absolutely cannot decide between black-with-lots-of-studs-and-leather and pink-pastel-cute-style, I really can’t. I confuse a lot of people running around one day in my leather boots being all gloomy and rock and coming next day to university in a pastel floral dress. But that’s the fun with fashion – you can change everyday, right?).
I totally plan on wearing this together as soon as it is warm enough.

Beige/Pink short pants from Forever 21. These were new arrival so I was able to snatch a pair in my size, yay! They usually only have one pair of the „bigger“ sizes at the Japanese Forever 21, at least from my experience. Or I am just always unlucky. I always wanted a pair of short pants with lace, so happy I got these! For only 1550Yen they were pretty cheap too.
Blue/Grey-ish blouse with lace from Momo at Takeshita Doori. I usually don’t like blue at all in my wardrobe but I fell in love with this particular not-blue-not-grey color. Love all the details from the lace arms,to the collar and even the pearls to open and close it. It fits me very loose which makes it perfect for hot Japanese summer 🙂
Black floral print dress from Forever 21. I’ve been searching for a cool black floral dress for the longest time! Was really happy when I found this at F21. I just looove the cutouts in the front and back, makes it a little bit more special 🙂 Already made an outfit with that, post coming soon!
Cardigan from World Wide Love! (La Foret). I always find stuff at WWL but since it’s pretty expensive I rarely end up buying anything. This cardigan however was on sale and for 2800Yen a pretty good price. The material is actually quite thick and the fabric feels insanely good so I am happy I got this, such a unique design!

Purple bandana and round sunglasses from a 300 Yen Shop in Harajuku! I always liked bandanas but we only have boring red, blue and white in Germany – found this little hidden shop downstairs where there were bandanas in every possible color! I also really needed sunglasses; the sun is shining a lot these days and I am blinded everyday sooo glad I bought these! For 300 Yen really a steal.

….and of course you cannot end a shopping day in Harajuku without crêpes! This was my very first back in Japan and I went straight for chocolate cake with banana and.. more chocolate.. and custard! (I don’t like whip cream I always switch for custard.) I am so happy to have met my dear good friend Federica from Italy again! She’s currently studying in Kyoto and I will visit her in August so we didn’t have a sad goodbye, just a quick „See you soon!“ which was really nice. 🙂 I love you babe!
Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! ^__^ Next post will be an OOTD :3
Have a nice weekend!
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