Mai 6, 2014
My dearest readers,
I hope you all had an amazing weekend! Since it is Golden Week here in Japan until Tuesday and most of my lessons are on Monday and Tuesday I’ll basically have most of the week off. Which is nice. I really need to stay in bed and play Pokémon and don’t worry about all the things going on at the moment. The last two days I’ve been in Tokyo with friends and it was a blast! I went with Yuka who studies in the same program like me (but unfortunately wedon’t have lessons together so I never see her really) and a friend of her from Chile which was nice. We went to a festival at Yoyogi Park and there met with all my other friends from Italy who are currently also studying in Japan. Unfortunately it got really really hot that day and I completely burned. I’m the mother of sunburns T__T It hurts. A lot. Still, almost three days after. I cannot lift both my arms, it’s really bad and I hope it heals very fast >__<“ I am extremely pale so I burn very easily – I usually always apply sunscreen but I was broke and we were already at the festival and nobody knew it would be like 30°C suddenly…
Next day I met with two of my friends from Italy and we spent the whole day shopping in Tokyo! I was still broke but I used my Visa Card, so.. xD It was very crowded (Golden Week + Children’s Day) but cloudy and not hot which I was extremely grateful for because my shoulders were revolting. We went to Harajuku because my friend really missed being there. We spent most of our time at the Forever 21  because it has European sizes and is most affordable. Afterwards I forced both to go with me to the basement at Harajuku La Foret where they have more underground style. I love it there so much! Unfortunately it’s not really cheap there but I love to just browse through the things or search for a bargain. That’s also where we found Etude House! I actually didn’t know there was an Etude House store at Harajuku, I only know the one in Shinjuku (where I’m like never, so..) but I guess it is relatively new (meaning: wasn’t there last time I was in Harajuku two years ago). Of course I had to get some stuff since it was the first time ^__^
 Harajuku La Foret – Etude House Store. It’s really cute and has a sweet but clean design.

Of course they have the most sweet packaging as if you bought something in a lolita store 😀 Mine looks a bit rough after travelling two hours back to Tsukuba.
..more packaging! They packed my nailpolishes extra in this cute little bag. Although I appreciate the cuteness I think one bag would have been enough, pollution/recycling-wise and stuff. Japanese are way too overexcited by their packaging. (I know this is a Korean brand but since I’ve not yet been there I cannot judge for that.)

Etude House Help my finger gel top coat, Play nailpolish in #43 and #3 and Aloe vera soothing relief mask (for, I think you can guess it, my huge sunburn.)
I was astonished how cheap these nail polishes were – each under 400Yen which makes them about 3€ I guess. I love both of these colors, they go really well with all the clothes I bought recently ;D
The purple one is opaque after one single coat which I never had before, so I was definitely impressed by that. Unfortunately the texture is a bit thick and tends to get streaky very easily. The beige-pinkish color is a lot more sheer and needs at least two coats. I loooove how this color looks on my nails it’s the perfect spring color ^___^ Would definitely try out some of their other colors. But I was surprised the texture is so much different although both shades are from the same line.
As for the Help my finger gel top coat I was really searching for something like that. Last time I used the Majolica Majorca mirror glass one but I am not sure if they are selling that anymore. So I decided to try this since it wasn’t that expensive either – I think it was something around 450Yen. While it really does provide shine and makes the nails a little bit more gel like it takes F O R E V E R to dry. Really, I think an hour passed before it was relatively dry. I will see how long it lasts but I feel it won’t do as much as I wanted so I will definitely not buy this again and search for another product (or see if I can find the Majolica Majorca one online that was my holy grail of doing nails.)
…I tried some nail design but it didn’t quite work out as I hoped xD“ Next time I’ll tray again with less dots and a little brush to actually paint so it may turn out better next time. It was supposed to be a rose design but.. ehrm. Let’s skip that. It looks kinda cute though from far away. Definitely have to try a bit more.
Asked the cashier right away if they had a point card because I am pretty sure I will spend quite some money in the next months. I wish my visa card was as cute as this one! 😀 
That’s all for Etude House today; I’ll continue this post in a short while with all the clothes and accessoires I bought because this post would explode with pictures otherwise. If there’s any Etude House product that you can recommend please tell me! I’m happy to try out new stuff :3 Wish you all a very happy day and look forward to part two of this post!
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