Dezember 30, 2013

Hey my lovelies,

Are you ready for the new year?? Two days ago I F I N A L L Y was able to watch Disney’s new film Frozen! My attempt to watch this film is a really tragic story….  I wanted to watch this movie as soon as trailers were launched. Although the cinema in Cologne is really cheap in Thursdays I couldn’t find anyone to go with me 🙁 When I finally found someone, our date was cancelled. So I tried to find some friends from Berlin who would watch the film with me before Christmas. We went to a really big cinema in Berlin Friday late in the evening. We didn’t make reservations because who is watching a Disney film on Friday evening when Hobbit and Hunger Games 2 are airing?? Well, apparently: Everybody. The cinema was fully booked because we didn’t know they would air Frozen in a screen with only 20(!!!!) seats. Twenty! I didn’t even know such small screens existed, but oh well…. we went to the Christmas market instead.
I then made reservations at another big cinema (just to make sure, you know) to go with my boyfriend although he had already seen the film together with his mother. When we arrived, to pick up our tickets, there was the longest waiting line ever. Damn. So we waited 10~20 minutes until we got to the counter and…. the girl sitting there said: „My printer is out of ink, you have to line up again at the other queue.“ What?!? I was making a bit fuss, explaining her my tickets would probably be sold to someone else if she didn’t do anything but she just didn’t care. We waited another 10~20 minutes just to be told our tickets were sold to other customers BECAUSE WE WERE LATE. I think I screamed a little after that. I was soooo upset, because I informed everyone that we were there, just weren’t able to approach the counter within the masses….
I was so disappointed that I cried like a little baby girl. My boyfriend was incredibly swamped and didn’t know what to do with his crying girlfriend. He wanted to go to McDonalds to cheer me up but I was crying him a whole river so we just went home (I really wanted to go on a date with him because he is working everyday 12+ hours and we barely see each other so this really meant something to me.) When we came home he made reservations at a little cinema in my hometown on Sunday, the only day when my boyfriend is not working. I didn’t really believe it would work and was grumpy all night long cursing the cinema which sold our tickets.  We arrived extra early this time, picked up our tickets and needed to make an hour walk around the city because we were that early. But we were finally able to see the film! Good things come to those who wait.
(I forced my boyfriend to take this picture with me, he hates pictures. But the last one is from half a year ago, he will be thankful somewhen in the future when he’s old and wrinkly!) We somehow both look strange and I have cheeks like a hamster but well xD
If you like Disney movies, you will love Frozen! It’s just such a good movie, I enjoyed every minute of it (maybe because I had to wait so long…) The story is really sweet and not your average princess – villain story which I loved. Also, the music is insane. So many good songs! Loved that they were singing so much 🙂

I especially enjoyed all the graphics with the snowflakes, it was just a really well thought through! Can’t wait to buy the DVD and watch this when I am in a bad mood ^__^ I won’t say anything about the story because I don’t want to spoiler anything. But there is one scene/song I have to show! I just love this scene, it is so intense and the animation is just beyond beautiful. Plus, I really enjoy the message of this song <3 And it also is really fitting for the beginning of the new year 🙂 I wanted to show you the German version because I enjoyed the singer’s voice more but the videos with this scene in German have incredibly low quality .__.“

 With this scene, I will leave you until the new year! Tomorrow will be a busy day: I will visit some of my ex-colleagues at Starbucks main station in Berlin, going to MAC with my mom to pick up some late Christmas presents and having a sushi lunch :3 Afterwards I need to prepare my outfit for our New Year’s Party! I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures like the last years to share with you 🙂

With that being sad, I wish you all a very Happy New Year and hope you have an amazing night, no matter what you do or who you are surrounded with. Take care! See you next year <3



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