Glad News Outfit: Skulls & Flowers.

Juni 5, 2014

Hello my dears,

I am pretty sure I did tell you guys once but I freaking love Glad News, it is by far my most beloved brand ever. Which is the reason, as soon as I set foot in Japan, I will be rushing to their store. It took me quite a time to go there; two months to be exact. The first month in Japan I spend working in the mountains and rushing from place to place which was everywhere but not in Tokyo. Then university began, we had to pay the dorm for 5 months and… yeah. You can imagine it. The more thrilled I was when I had half a week off because my supervisor was in Seattle and therefore all my courses were not taking place. Since it takes me 1 1/2 hours from Tsukuba to Shibuya (and costs me 1500 Yen for one way) going to Tokyo is more rare than I’d wish. However, I finally managed (separate post about Tokyo soon) and as soon as I stepped outside Shibuya station I rushed to the seventh floor of Shibuya 109 where Glad News store is located.

I found this amazing one-piece that I fell in love with at first sight. It has everything I love; it has a beautiful skull + flower pattern, It has lots of details and beautiful colors. It is a bit short, but then again, what isn’t in Japan when you’re 174cm tall. (I was actually surprised it fits me so well – it is onesize and they tend to be painfully tight, especially around the waist. However, this fits almost loose around the waist!) Oh, and as you can see it has pockets. Yay for dresses with pockets, I wish more dresses were designed like that. Here are more detailed shots:

I certainly get some looks on campus walking around fancy dressed like this – but then again, I always get looks due to my tallness, red dyed hair and piercings so I’m totally used to that. (I have a friend with a brown bob and she almost never got stares because she blended in so well with Japanese society!)

My lovely new friend Lisander (pronounciation is Lisandee) from Mexico was so kind to take these pictures for me, I hope she doesn’t mind to take some in the future too so you can see more outfits from me 🙂 BTW, the Glad News staff actually ask me where I got that jacket because they really liked it which made me very happy! You know you’re doing something right when Glad News staff asks you where you buy your stuff. Here’s a detail shot from the upper part (I looove that.. belt..thing.. whatever it is, it is so cool.)

You can also see the pattern better than on the first picture 🙂 I cannot say how much I adore that upper part, it makes it so unique! Have never quite seen a similar cut to this. I also changed my septum piercing from a seamless segment to a ball closure ring; there’s actually a little rhinestone in the ball but I fear you can’t tell from the picture. I somehow wanted people to notice my septum more; I have that for 7 years now, wow. Most of my piercings turn +10 years this year! (Yeah. I started kinda early if you can do the math.. what were my parents thinking?? 😀 ) (My parents are actually both tattooed and pierced so maybe they didn’t think anything at all what I adore about them – they always gave me freedom to express myself.)
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