Februar 21, 2014
Dear readers,
I am sorry that it took so long – as I told you, I just lost all my data on my laptop so all my prepared pictures for posts were gone too >__<„“ I only have the pictures on my phone left and the ones which I saved on my external harddrive – which I last did in summer 2013, so. Half a year is just gone. Luckily I didn’t even have that much on this laptop since I was just busy studying in Bonn.
Some days ago I went to the hairdresser for a make-over. I always have a makeover before I come to Japan for a longer time. First; because I always change my haircolor to my natural haircolor which is a darker brown shade. It is really really difficult to get red hair dye in Japan and it’s also extremely expensive plus it’s such a hassle to get your hair redyed. I’m not living in Tokyo (though not far) but I still don’t want to worry about my hair, getting roots etc so thats why I mostly return to my natural hair color. I really don’t like browns and I think it makes me unbelievably pale but.. oh well. It’s just easier. I’m still not yet comfortable with the new style but I think I might get used to it. Somewhen. I had really good before – after pictures for you but as I said – all gone .___.“ That’s why I can only show you crappy mobile phone pictures, so sorry .__.
As you can see, I finally have a hair cut again xD My hair grows incredibly fast (luckily) so a hair cut grows out really fast. I think I cut my hair only 2 or 3 months ago but it looked like a bloody mess soon afterwards. I cut a lot of my ends because they looked filthy; yet somehow, my hair remained absolutely the same length XD  I decided to keep my ombre because I love my ombre and that way I don’t have to worry about my roots but still got some color in dat hair ^-^ Unfortunetaly my hair stylist went a bit overboard with the bleach (I wanted the bottom part bleached again because it looked really orangey due to the red hair I had before ><) and now I have looots of blonde and only a bit of brown xD I think I’ll just let it grow longer or maybe I’ll buy a middle shade brown next week and try to balance it out.
Despite that, I’m happy with the new hair especially the cut I really love! And my hair stylist promised that the brown will get a bit lighter with some washes. (It still has a lot of red that’s not visible in the pictures.) How do you like it? 😀
I hope y’all have a pretty awesome weekend, I will be at a lots of dinners because friends are having birthday and my father is making big lasagna party an Saturday 😀
Lots of love,
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