Get Active! Month November

November 6, 2012

Hello my dear readers,

how have you all been? Sorry for the lack of post last week, but I had a lot of stress at work because I had early shifts again, and the customers sucked really bad so working wasn’t fun at all. I really wanted to finish a lot of stuff on Sunday but just fell asleep at 8PM on the couch, lol. My boyfriend Niko woke me up at half past ten to tell me that he goes to bed – I followed him and slept 14 hours straight. Ouch =_=“ Guess that pretty much tells how exhausted I was! So today I had headache all day, felt sick and dizzy because I slept too long (but my body just didn’t wake up by himself..) Luckily, this week I have late shifts (FINALLY.) and can get all the sleep I am lacking. On the other hand, I have a looooot to do, there’s something written on each day in my schedule this week and I also need to prepare stuff & presentations for university PLUS I need to learn for my super important exam in the beginning of December. Wow. I just realized I’ll be super super busy this week.. :<
But to the story behind this post: When I was in high school I was a really active girl; I did badminton, took jazz and modern dance lessons, played the guitar, drew a lot of stuff in my freetime and made party all night long. After I finished high school I got a part time job in a bookshop and 3 months later I entered university and started studying Japanese. And that was when the misery started.  I was so busy with studying, working and having my social contacs, that I kinda threw away all the hobbies I had. After work I was so smashed or needed to learn that my motivation for doing anything else than working or studying just vanished.
It was only in Japan, where I didn’t need to work and had a lot of freetime, when I started to think about my life. There were always so many excuses for why I couldn’t do this and that. And I noticed that I kept saying sentences like „I always wanted to learn, how to sew, but…“ or „It would be so much fun if I could start dancing again, but…“ I just thought about myself and thought life is too short for not doing the stuff you love! Yes, working and studies are important but that’s not all I wanna do. I had so little fun the last years that I had an urgent want for doing all the stuff I wanted to do for so long!
So I declared November as my personal Start To Do Something Month! I personally think it’s very important that you focus on what you want and just start doing it. You gain so much when you do things you love. Just take the time! It took me a long time to figure that out. So here are the things I started lately or will start soon this month!
#1 Dancing As long as I can remember, I loved to dance. I did a lot of different stuff over the years; I started with jazz dance, modern dance, hip hop dance, choreography with friends for songs we loved, I even tried out ballet but didn’t like it. I always loved Irish Dance though! My mom and I used to watch the show „Lord of the Dance“ hundreds of times when I was younger. So I thought – why not? I love to try new things and when I saw that my university had some spots left (we have a huge variety of sports offers at my university which are incredibly cheap!) for Irish Dance I though I should give it a go. I only payed 15$ for 3 months of training, how amazing is that?  I only had 2 lessons so far but I loooove it. It‘ so much fun! I know a lot of people think it looks funny tapping your feet and neglecting your arms but I really really have a lot of fun when I dance, so I don’t care what others think. So if you’re searching for me on a Friday afternoon, I’ll be probably dancing my feet off.
#2 Sewing Also for a long time I aaaalways wanted to learn how to sew. Somehow, I never started. I have no idea why actually. When I was in Japan I watched nearly every season from Project Runway and got inspired by all these designers and the stuff they were doing. I wanted the same! Be able to sew my own clothes is just fantastic. So I finally had the guts and applied for a beginners Sewing class. My first class will be today! So excited how I’ll gonna do! But it feels good to get finally started.
#3 Eating & Cooking The last 1-2 years, I slowly, but constantly, gained weight. I’m at a point at the moment where I feel really uncomfortable in my own body. I’m of course not fat, but I feel chubby and out of shape. Also, I know that I eat a lot of crap all day long and I want to break that spell finally. I started to break my habits and prohibited myself to eat anything after 7PM. (I always used to get really hungry in the evening and eat a lot which might have been the main reason for gaining weight slowly.) Also, I want to be more conscious about what I eat. So I am trying to eat more healthy, incorporate more fruit and veggies in my daily life and cook more often. My boyfriend hates to cook so he always gets instant food or sth which I wanna break. I love to cook, I just need a bit more motivation to cook fresh more often. I’ll be living on my own from November to December and hope to be able to cook fresh everyday!

I already collected a lot of recipes I wanna try! Here’s my question for you: If I should succeed, would you like me to publish the recipes on this blog? Or are you not interested in stuff like that? Tell me in the comments so that I know what would be suitable for this blog! Other goals I set myself was to get more time for crafting / DIY projects, spending more time with my beloved friends and so on. It might not sound that hard, but in fact, with a busy schedule like mine it is. But things changed so much the latest weeks that I am more than motivated to get going! I already enjoy the dancing classes I have and think about joining  another when university break begins in February. We’ll see!

Also I finally managed to do some looks and prepare beauty reviews for this blog, so the next post will definitely be something like this! Hope you look forward to it as I do. Also, I reached 170 readers yesterday and wanted to say THANK YOU ALL for your support and kind comments. It wouldn’t be the same without you! 🙂 Hope you all have an amazing week,

See you next time!


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