Genius in a bottle – NOTD

Oktober 28, 2012

Good evening my dear readers,

So sorry I didn’t post in a while! I had a lot of stress at work; I only get early shifts at the moment, which means I basically need to wake up between 3 AM and 4:30 AM which is hell for me. I can’t sleep well because I have the I-need-to-sleep-because-I-have-to-get-up-early-pressure and therefore I am only sleeping 2 hours. Work in general is really stressful and especially today it was crowded like no tomorrow. You can really get the idea we might be the only coffeeshop in whole Berlin, sometimes more than 30 customers are waiting for their coffee. It’s crazy.
I usually don’t do NOTD posts because – well, the truth is, I am just not allowed to wear any nail polish at all at my work place. So usually I never wear polish BUT I got 5 days off and first thing that came to my mind was to paint my nails to get some color into the greyish autumn-esque weather! 😀 Also I wanted to make a short post to let you know I am alive although I have a lot to do with work + university + a hint of social life left. So what I got is the color Genius in a Bottle from Catrice and it’s the first shade I ever bought from them. It’s a gorgeous golden-copper shade with a hint of green and blues in it, I loved the shade! It is also a dupe of the highly popular Peridot shade from Chanel Le Vernis. Since the Catrice shade is about 20$ less expensive than Chanel, it’s definitely worth a look!

Just look at that gorgeous shade! I love how the colors play together and how it turns out on the nail. Unfortunately I have some issues with my cam and I could only swatch pics which are out of focus, I’m sorry! :/ But at least you can see how the shade looks in a different kind of light, I love this polish!! I have never seen a 3-dimensional polish like this, I’m in love *___* The color is a bit sheer and did not look as good as I would have liked it with 1 coat. However, it turned fully opaque and brightly colored with 2 coats. I didn’t use a base or top coat because I don’t own any – however, the polish lasted surprisingly long and didn’t chip for 5 days! All of that for about 3$ is nothing to complain about, eh? :3

Since I failed to take good pictures of this awesome color, here is a picture from where you can see the light shimmer and way the color looks in the light. 🙂 Also, I included a silly picture of my humble self after another early shift (did I tell you how EARLY these are? Can’t stress it enough.. ;A; ) Wow, I look tired. u_u“

I fear that’s all for today! Only a short post to let you know I am somewhat okay. I try to post another crafty DIY project by Tuesday! And I really really try to do some make-up shots on Wednesday because it’ll be my day off <3 There’s so much I would have to share if I had the time to get everything done. Wow, I’m tired. It’s midnight and I’m nearly 24 hours awake to time for bed now! Hope you will forgive this random post I wrote in about 10 minutes, quality blogging is coming soon again! Thank you all for reading, stopping by and leaving heartwarming comments, I love you all <3

P.S. I will reply all of your comments by Monday. I promise!! Oh and E-mails. I’ll reply those too, sorry for the delay! :/

Have a good night & See you next time!


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