Gathering, Harry Potter 7 Part 2, Birthday Party, Joined Giveaway and crappy photos :x

August 3, 2011

Pre-Post: Most photos appear blurry in this entry, maybe due to the automatic minimalization on blogger.. if you click on the photos, they appear in original quality.


There were sooo many things to do and so many places to attend the last days! On Friday, I went to a „Gathering“ my best friend from university made at her home. She invited some girls (& 1 lonely boy) from university to sit together and cook some stuff. I went there a bit earlier to help her preparing everything and thats why we made this cake:

It was a… vanilla… white chocolate cake or something like that. Unfortunately I did not liked this cake *CRIES* ;_; Because it didn’t tasted, it was just sweet. Overloading sweet, but no other taste at all. The „decoration“ was spontaneous and we decided to stop before everything got worse xD

She also prepared some drinks for us, here is her „Vodkalone..“  melon who sipped in vodka for… I dunno how long! (left) Right side is a fruit cocktail also with vodka… the left side tasted terribly strong just alcohol but the right side was pretty good! Kinda sweet flavour with a bit alcohol and super yummy fruits!´
This is Marion and me when we found the Pikachu and Cheshire Cat head on my friend’s sofa! 😀 I wore my pika pika thing whole night although it was heavenly HOT underneath X_X We played some Karaoke and Dance things with the Wii but as I don’t like the Wii I could not enjoy it thaaaat much… after that we decided to play Mario Kart. I’m always the last one because I’m the only one who did not play Mario Kart in her youth! BUT! This night I was pretty drunk and I mastered every race in first position – what the hell is wrong with me?! xD
P.S. I was really sad that I brought the wrong lenses with me.. because in my opinion the Geo Angel Grey really doesn’t suit me that well. I will stay by the Eos Candy Grey because they appear a looooot better in my eye! >_<„
On Saturday I went to the cinema to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2! I was super-excited about this film, because every part of Harry Potter was so great – and the last part was also. I went together with my boyfriend, my cousin and one of my best friends. Because I was kinda drunk Friday I slept whole day and woke up at uhm.. 3 to 4 PM. Thats why I had a big portion of Nachos in the cinema for breakfast! I heavenly LOVE Nachos in the cinema.. the creamy cheese dip is best! ♥
Unfortunately I had to cry every single minute in the last half part of the film, thats why I looked so terrible afterwards xD The story about Snape and Harry’s mother was so awful sad and the little baby crying in the night… I’m such a little whiney thing! Too sensitive for this cruel world.
After the cinema, my boyfriend went home and the girls of us went to the birthday party of another girl from us ^-^ She turned 22 this night! I really don’t like how I look in the photos but nja… I didn’t style anything and I cried a lot in cinema, thats just why.
Together with Stuffi… trying to look pretty and then revealing our real faces! I especially like how she looks like a vampire xD

My Cousin Jacky and me ♥

Tomorrow I’ll update again.. I bought some beauty stuff today which I like to review! ^o^ I also have to prepare for my vacation trip, because my boyfriend and I are going to Fuerteventura on Saturday for a week! Be prepared for loads of photos when we’ll be back in town! 😡

P.P.S.  I also joined a giveaway tonight from the lovely Eki! I really like her blog and for the reason that I never tried a BB cream before I just had to enter this giveaway! I wish these would be available in Germany soon because I’m rather curious about trying them! (: (Although I cannot believe that they really can provide what they aiming for… but I’m such a troublekid when it comes to skin that I am longing for every straw I can get <:
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