Fuerteventura Trip & Arrangements for Japan

August 16, 2011

Fuerteventura, where we went, is a little island belonging to Spain. But don’t be that dumb to think it also IS somewhere near Spain as I thought… noo xD Actually, Fuerteventura is on the AFRICAN CONTINENT. I didn’t know when booking the trip O.O So it took us about 5 hours to get 4.500km away from home xD Next time I’ll google before booking.. haha the flight was SO horrible. We had the most disgusting children in front of me they were unbelievable reckless to us, the ones who sat behind them. But; first onto the photos! (Note: I didn’t wear any make-up at all the whole trip and I don’t care, haha.)

The view from our room (:

Our room 605 <: It doesn’t pop up on the picture but it was huuuge.

I wanted my boyfriend taking a photo with me in front of the cliffs but he bugged every single picture so this was the best one.. u__u“

Blubb. Me for the first time in the pool. It was heavenly COLD because the sun was gone.

So our trip we made was really good and relaxing because there was NOTHING but the desert. Sand everywhere and the sea on the other side. There was one restaurant and one supermarket but then…. nothing but the desert. So we chilled everyday reading books (thank God I brought two with me, the first one lasted for two days 😡 ) and sometimes splashing into the great sea or pool. We always have good times when travelling! (: This was our very last trip before MY LEAVING FOR JAPAN in 4 weeks. I’m very excited but also very afraid of getting there alone for 10 months. A good friend of university accompanies me and we share a room but.. it’s anxiety I feel because I never had to stand alone for myself. Far away from home. I think it’ll turn out as a great time but I also have much to fear. My heartbeat goes up and down when thinking about my departure. There are just 30 days left until I leave Germany for such a long time. I also don’t know how to pack my things because it’s just too much, I’m allowed to carry 23kg which is.. nothing, I guess. But I’m also glad for the chance I’d been given. Let’s make the best out of it. I have to work the whole week long until Sunday so be prepared to not here a word from me until then. Have a nice week guys (:

– Sam.

P.S. [17.08.11] I just thought about rearranging my layout and here it is! It feels more like me now; actually the layout before was too colourful and „loose“ / disjointed or whatever. I really like the new one, I’m so in love with black and white photography ^o^

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