August 27, 2014

Good evening everyone!

Although in the same line as my Korea Travel Diary posts, I decided to make a separate post about my very first Korean skincare haul. It was extremely hard for me the last weeks in Japan to not buy anything. While Japan has to offer a lot when it comes to skincare it is with no doubt also very expensive. I heard and read that the quality in Korea is better while the products are still cheaper so I tried really hard to not buy anything (Actually, the UV Base I reviewed was the last item I bought somewhen in June/July. So proud!).
But it even got better! As I already told you, my boyfriend and I were staying at Seoul Station where Lotte is located. Dangerous. Very, very dangerous. In Lotte Mart is almost every popular skincare shop accumulated on a single floor. You basically have Missha, Skin Food, Etude House, Tony Moly, The Face Shop, Innisfree and many many more right next to each other. To top it off, they have a lot of great deals at Lotte Mart for example buying sheet masks in bulk or pay 1 get 2 (or even 3 (Missha) ). Usual products seem to cost the same as I attempted to compare but if you’re looking for some great deals on certain products, this is a place you def. should try out!
Back to topic: I was in awe. Wherever I go in Korea, there are beauty shops. Everywhere. This is no an exaggeration, they are literally everywhere. I don’t quite live in the center of Seoul. (my dorm is on top of a mountain) but still, I do have all the major brands in 10 minutes walking distance around me. It’s great. I already miss it although I just arrived.
But the whole thing even got better: My boyfriend did not get me something for my birthday as I was in Japan during my birthday. I was expecting him to bring me a little gift to Korea (as we usually give the gifts next time we see each other) but this time something happened, that has never happened before. Like, in 7 years. NEVER. He actually said: „Your birthday present is a shopping tour in Seoul“. !! My boyfriend, who hates to spend money and doesn’t understand fashion or beauty stuff at all wants to go shopping. With me! If you knew my boyfriend, you would know that this was quite a huge proof of his love. So I went a little crazy when we went shopping and got some of the skincare items I had my eye set on for a while:

Innisfree Bija Anti-Trouble Spot Treatment
My Beauty Diary Aloe Mask
My Beauty Diary Bird’s Nest Mask
My Beauty Diary White Bulgarian Rose Mask
Shu Uemura POREfinist Cleansing Oil (Duty-free Japan)
Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream
Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in #21
Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
The Face Shop Avocado Avocat Hand Cream
Clinique Take the Day Off Make-Up Remover
…but I didn’t stop there. Oh, no. If I get birthday shopping, I really go birthday shopping. My boyfriend was horrified *evil laugh* Remember when I talked about Lotte Mart? So, I was basically living there. As we needed to go to the train station anyway it was only 1 minute walk away from me. In the end, I gave in and bought 40 sheet masks of Etude House in bulk for 19000Won which is around 15$. Not bad for 40 sheets, right? My boyfriend did not even know that I use stuff like that. He discovered a new girlfriend after 7 years of being in a relationship 😀
This thing is impossible to photograph. I tried from literally every angle but it refused to present itself in a favorable manner. Sadly, and luckily, I was smart enough to tell my boyfriend to take these beauties home with him as I can get more everytime atm but they were quite heavy and he had a lot of space left in his trunk, so. I am sad they are gone but happy they’re waiting for me.
Update 26/08/14: Today I got the Missha First Treatment Essence! This is a very popular product and I was so excited to try it out! Since I just added the Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream to my routine, I have to at least wait another week or so before I can finally try out the essence.. ’sob

It is said the First Treatment Essence is a very good dupe for the Japanese SKII’s Facial Treatment Essence whch retails around 120$. Jepp. Which is the main reason Missha’s treatment is so successful as it is not even a quarter of the price! It usually retails for 42,000Won but I got it for 29,500Won (which is 22€) as I was patiently waiting until Missha is holding a sale. My patience paid off! I am sooo excited to try this. BTW, Since I started using Korean skincare products and somewhat come closer to a Korean skincare routine I am taking picture of my skin every week so I can -hopefully- show you the progress – or not. I already see good improvements but want to wait some weeks longer before I share my opinion. 🙂

That’s all for today, really have to work on my thesis and get the literature review chapter done. Soon.
Have a nice day everyone!


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