Farewell Party Preparations, Geo Nudy Golden Blue [new lenses!] and Photobooth Action.

August 25, 2011
Yesterday I made some pictures with my good friend Iris! We once went to school together but we were separated everyday because we become little chatterboxes during lessons :’D Now she doesn’t live in Berlin anymore for study purposes. Thats why I was glad to meet her again before moving to Japan!
In Berlin [literally, in the East] we still have very old photobooths and i LOVE to take pictures with them. I mostly fall over some photobooth occassionally after clubbing or something like that because they are sort of „hidden“ and not that outstanding as purikura machines. <:
So as you can see the quality is not the best (although I must admit damn good if you consider the age of these booths!) but its usually total fun to use ^_^ They’re rather small but we sometimes manage to get into with almost five persons (which as you can see on the image could be very PAINFUL xD). Considering the left photo strip, the second image we were’nt ready for taking a photo XD Wanted to do something extraordinary with our hair… but the photobooth was too quick o_o“ On the strips I gave my friend we sat with an umbrella there, oh it was such a nice day. It thundered all day and rained cats and dogs but it didn’t matter.
After the photo session we went on drinking some Bubble Tea because I didn’t had it in a long time. Do you have Bubble Tea where you live? It’s new fashion here in Berlin since half a year there are popping small stores out everywhere I go in Berlin. Quality is mostly not that nice. I still prefer the store which opened first in Berlin the others are somethwat crappy.
After that I attended a birthday party of my boyfriend’s friend who I know well. He ordered a PIZZA with 1 METER DIAMETER which was great!! I wished I brought my cam… it looked so nice and delicious! The pizza was as big as the whole table where we sit with 16 people :’D I prefered the piece with rucola, ham and parmesan! ♥
The night I ordered new contact lense!  It’s the Geo Nudy Golden Blue lens which will be my first blue lens I ever bought! I have very light blue eyes thats why I ordered gray lenses all the time.. most blue lenses are just too intense and artificial and wouldn’t match my eye color. I wouldn’t have bought them if Anna had not make a review about these lenses (see here review here with beautiful photos as usual! ♥ ) and she looked oh-my-god so stunning with them! Her eyes seemed to be a glitter star lake and I fell in love with theses lenses. On most pictures the lens itself appears very sheer so I wouldn’t have bought these lenses. I bought them at Angelic Rain because they were so cheap! 20$ no one could beat that that’s simply why I ordered there. Also received a mail today that my lenses were already shipped. I am so excited to try these lenses. As soon as they arrive I’ll make my personal review on them. Though I hope they’ll arrive in time because there are only 3 weeks left until I finally go off to Japan *oh-my-god-I’m-so-excited* Otherwise my mum would’ve to send them to Japan for me xD Also hoping that these lenses look more natural on me because all the other ones I look rather artificial 😡
P.S. Photography belong to Anna Katharina Jaeger
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