Farewell Party & Bulgari Mon Jasmin Noir

August 28, 2011

Dear lovely readers,

on Friday there was my Farewell Party which I held at my home. It was such a nice evening and nearly everyone whom I invited also came. (: There was only one condition: I wanted to make a photo together with everyone who was there and no one was allowed to leave the party until I got my pics. So now they can accompany me to Japan ^_^ I won’t show these pics here because they’re just normal „2-people-in-front-of-a-camera“ pics but I really like them. The party ended 4 AM because my boyfriend and I were too tired to stay awake. A few hours later we started another party because Sunday was my boyfriend’s birthday 😡 So today I really was done because I drank sort of much and ate crappy things (but I liked it, ha!). Just some random pics of Friday:

I really like that pic… the girl onto my body is Susann who is my bestbestbest university friend ever. She was so sad thinking about my leaving that we both nearly started to cry ;_; Letting go is the hardest.

Don’t know who actually made this pic..

Together with Alex one of my best friends from university. He’s a fucking brain and just gets A-marks EVERYDAY. (Note: I didn’t know my hair got THAT long?! Def. need to go to a hairdresser soon..)

Also with Susann, I am so in love with her! She is such a great friend and I am so proud to know her.
As for today is Sunday it’s my boyfriend’s birthday! So we went to his parent’s place which I LOVE. They have a huge house at the outskirts of Berlin and everything is also so nice made-up and well prepared, I feel like a little princess there – it’s very comfy and romantic with flowers overall. So we made a little BBQ with his family and it was so much fun! Unfortunately I didn’t brought my camera but his father made photos… just try to lay my hands on them <: Afterwards his mother gave me samples of beauty products she received but has no use of them. It’s the Bulgari Mon Jasmin Noir Perfume and Mon Jasmin Noir Shimmering Lotion! (:

I think for sample ones the packacking is really cute! (:
The lotion

The lotion is quite good but too heavy when it comes to the smell. Honestly, it’s kind of similar to the perfume. I like lotions with a good fragrance but this one is too heavy for myself. So I wouldn’t use this for the whole body (may be also too pricey for that purpose (; ) but it may be good to accentuate e.g. your neck with a touch of smell. The texture itself is really nice, easy to apply and it dries fast.
The perfume
The perfume is a bit heavier than the lotion but the difference is not that remarkable. It smells really sweet and flowery. The perfume is mainly a mixture of jasmine flowers and musk as the packacking says so. I for myself don’t like such heavy smells, I prefer the fresh ones over the heavy flowerish ones. (Actually I own… ONE perfume, haha. And I never use it. Hoenstly I prefer lotions with a bit of flavor because with the warmth of the body it kind of mixes with your own fragrance which I personally like.) So I would just recommend to try this if you like heavier fragrances. (:
I also got a sample of the Decléor Aronmessence Iris Rejuvenating Serum. I never tried any serums for face but I’m really excited to try! I’ll review soon when I could use it certain times. It says that it mattes your skin and that your make-up should be stay longer if you use this as a base. Let’s see how it works! Wish you all a great start in the week. Only 18 days left ‚till my leaving for Japan! O__O
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