Juli 3, 2013

Dear readers,

Today is my birthday! There will be a detailed birthday post following somewhen in the near future, reporting in detail 🙂 I went to a super amazing musical with my best friend today, so it definitely started awesome! Thrilled to see what’s yet to come.
But to the topic of this post! Some of you may remember that I had the opportunity of a scholarship which I didn’t got in the end because I wasn’t fit for the program. Well, all of a sudden, three weeks ago, I got an email from a program I applied for but didn’t really think about it (I sent SO many applications in the end, just to get in SOMEWHERE.) They mailed me that they’ve chosen me and that they’d like to get to know me and asked if I could come to Bonn (again, the other scholarship interview was in Bonn as well).
So I actually had the most stressful day EVER. As you maybe heard in the news, there’s a heavy flood in Germany so it got almost impossible to travel some specific routes…. of course my route was included. So in the end I spent 16(!!!) hours in the train that day to travel to and back again from Bonn (usually, one tour takes 4 1/2 hours.) But in the end, it was worth it!!
I GOT DAT FUCKING SCHOLARSHIP! The master program I entered now is even better then the program which rejected me. I will study one semester at the university of Bonn, one semester at the university of Tsukuba in Japan and one semester at Korea University in Seoul!! HOW AMAZING IS THAT?
Pretty fucking amazing I’d say. The scholarship covers the trip to Japan + Korea as well as university fees and living expenses there. It’s a trinational master’s program between Germany, Japan and Korea and now that I think of it I am so so so happy they didn’t take me at that other program because this is so much more amazing. This will be such a good experience I guess. I will be studying Asian Studies in Bonn and International Studies in Japan and graduate from both universities at the same time. This will be tough, but I can do it! Going to Korea University also means that I will be starting to learn Korean from this fall on 🙂 I AM SO EXCITED!!! I hope you’re too 😀
Only thing I need to do now, is to finish my bachelor’s thesis. But since I got a spot already I really don’t care about what grade I get, just get through and done with it quickly. I’m exchanging emails with the professor in Bonn and I have a really good feeling about all this. I’m so happy, I can’t express it. So happy that I finally can share this news! :DD
But now, gotta continue with my birthday eating chocolate cake all day long. Will report later!
Have a good day everyone <3
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