März 3, 2015

Good evening everyone!

How are you all doing? Since the beginning of March, it’s gotten colder and rainy with lots of wind in Berlin. I had my very first consultation with an aesthetcian and a professional skin analysis done this week! As soon as I’m back on track (kind of have a cold right now) I’ll do a video about that! 🙂 It was very revealing and I think what I learnt will be super helpful for a lot of my readers, so please look forward to that! For today, I’d very much like to introduce you to the new lip products from Etude House: Liquid Lipsticks!

Etude House Liquid Lips – Beige 102
..slightly less red in real life.

Etude House Liquid Lips – Purple 501
..very promising dark plum shade packaging.
How cool is that packaging! On first sight I thought „Oh no, they’re just regular lipsticks!“ but then there goes the big surprise. Although I don’t like the plastic-y packaging in general, but I think this is a clever and very fun packaging for a product like this.
First thought I had: That beige doesn’t really look as beige as I had hoped. It def. leans more toward the coral color family but it is still a very pretty and wearable color. The purple shade looks good although from the packaging I expected it to be a tad darker. However, this is just one single swipe so you can already see these lippies are super pigmented! Definitely more pigmented than their other lip products which positively surprised me. Here’s a comparison with my bare lips as well as with Etude House’s official promotion pictures.
Bare; just applied; blotted down.
I really like this shade! Upon comparison, it is very very true to the promotional pictures. I imagined it to be a tad less coral in my mind, but that was my mistake as it really looks like in the promo pictures. A thing that doesn’t happen that often in my books. It goes on very shiny at first, but it dries more matte – although never completely. If you’re into matte, you can (and you really should) blot down the product. It will also ensure these beauties last longer on your lips, but we’ll get to that in a bit.
Bare & blotted.
This looked very tacky when freshly applied (because very glossy) so I took pictures after I blotted it down a bit. The color in real life lies somewhere between the promotional pictures and my own – mine is a bit too dark; but the promotional pictures are a tad too bright. It’s a super fun bubble gum shade! This is for everyone who really liked bold lips – due to the pigmentation, your lips will really pop! I wish it was a bit more purple like in the promotional pictures on the left but that’s just personal preference as I love to wear dark shades 🙂

…who said beauty bloggers have to be so serious all the time? 😀 As already said, I really like this shade! It’s a great color if I want to give my lips a bit more impact without looking overly dolled up! Although they are very pigmented, those lippies apply very even. I find the application a bit tricky with the given applicator, but just use a lip brush if it’s too much of a hassle (I have problems getting a straight line on my upper lip D: Maybe I’m just not talented enough..) No complaints for this color, wears better than the regular Etude House lipsticks. I easily get 4 hours or more wear out of this, depending on how much I eat and drink (you will probably have to retouch after eating.) It wears a lot better when you blot down the excess color and use a tiny bit of transparent powder on top, but it also performs great on its own.
Although this is a darker shade, it also applies evenly just like it’s beige sister! Like I said before, you will def. need to blot this baby or it can look very tacky that bold a color + very glossy. Let it dry down for 5 minutes before blotting if you want to take advantage of maximum pigmentation. Although this color is so bold, I feel very comfortable wearing it – it doesn’t smudge around badly during the day, even without a lip liner. The color stays put and they wear down very well, not patchy or flakey at all (something I hate with darker colors..) As this is such a bubblegum shade, I will probably tone it down a bit with another dark shade to make it a bit more wearable for myself 🙂 I found both colors didn’t dry my lips out badly (which is not uncommon with liquid lipsticks.) – but they are absolutely not moisturizing either. Prepping your lips with moisture while you get your other make-up done prior can help a lot.
Final verdict: Would love to try out other colors – especially that dark red shade they have! Good wear, extremely pigmented, stay put without a lip liner and don’t dry my lips out badly. I think there’s some great price/value here! I def. favor these over my regular Etude House lipsticks which don’t wear as well. As it’s so pigmented, the tubes will probably last me a small eternity. Plus, they have 19 shades in total to pick from which is totally awesome to begin with. You can pick up Etude House Liquid Lipsticks at Jolse for currently 8,98$
Disclaimer: Jolse has been so nice to send me this product for review purposes. All pictures have been made by myself and my opinion stated are my own & honest words and have not been influenced by a third party.

Any favorite lip products you’ve been excited about lately? Will you give this a try? 🙂 Have a happy week everyone!

Lots of love,


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