Eos Candy Grey Review!

Juli 2, 2011

So a week ago I bought the cirle lenses Candy Grey from Eos via Pinkyparadise.com. This was the only shop so far who sell these kind of lenses, I was kind of surprised. But, price and shipping were okay, so I don’t have anything to reclaim :3 The lenses costs ~ 20€ and shipping was two weeks, which is normal from Asia to Germany (I hate it because I’m so cutty! I also missed both packages I received so I had to wait for another day, gnaaah xD“) Let’s start with the review!

This is what I got.. the lenses, an animal case in pink (pigs!) and the mysterious gift which turned out kind of.. crap xD
This is me with the left eye here „lensed“ and the other without – the difference is really clear to see! I made this with my mobile phone so the quality isn’t that good, but I think one can tell the difference 😡

Eos Candy Grey
Diameter: 14,5
Water Content: 42%
Life Span: 1 Year, if opened

A close-up me wearing the lens…so overall I reallyyy like this lens! It has few color, actual just a bit sparkles of grey on the edge and the bold ring. But I, for myself, prefer lenses which are not changing your eyecolor because I really like my natural color ^-^ I just wanted a lens to define the look of my eyes and this is what this lens can do perfectly! It still looks really unnatural in nature (although not that bad as my Geo Angel Grey which are obobobobviously FAKE.). This is my first lens which is bigger then 14,5mm and for me it is A LOT easier to insert the lens because it’s bigger. I don’t know if it’s always like that… I heard people having problems with big lenses but for me inserting was very easy after a few tries. After inserting the lens, I felt them, which irritaed me a bit because I never felt my Geo Angel Grey. I wore this lens now several times and I always feel the lens, when inserting into the eye. After a minute or so I don’t feel the lens anymore.. maybe it’s because of the size – it often happens that one edge of the lens is actually not onto my eyes so I have to push it gently into then it’s fine.. (I hope you understand what I mean xD) Despite this, the lens is pretty comfy. I can wear this lens up to 8 hours, but after 4 hours or so I sometimes start to feel the lens which I don’t like that much. But maybe it’s also because I just wear it for party and in the evening and when I get tired its kinda usual to feel the lens, hu? o_o

So, as a conclusion, I would definitely recommend to buy this lens, if you want a lens, which does NOT change your natural eye color and just hints on your natural color and makes your eyes even stand out more. I really like this lens, and would buy it once more. ♥ A few pics me wearing this lens:

If you have any questions about these lenses, feel free to ask! ♥

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