DIY: How to fix broken eyeshadow

Oktober 11, 2012

Good morning my early birds,

Did you ever have a beloved eyeshadow – and crushed it accidentally in the morning when you tried to prep yourself for the day? Well that’s not what exactly happened to me – to be precise, I did nothing this time but my boyfriend did in my place. He destroyed a part of my (in London new bought!!) Sleek palettes when I was at work and I reallyyy got upset because of course the most prettiest colors in my palettes got destroyed (;__;) I was so sad because I only used it like two times. :/ So I did a bit of research in the hope of being able to ressurect my eyeshadow palette as it were before.
Dear boyfriend; whyyy did you have to crush the amazing teal and copper/gold shade? WHY? Why not the green? Oh and btw, he says, he has NO IDEA where that last shadow on the right went. He said it just disappeared…
Since fixing a broken eyeshadow is super cheap and easy I thought I’d share the method that worked best for me 😀 I actually was really surprised on how easy it can be done. I will never ever throw a broken eyeshadow away, again! Shall we start..? I made a picture tutorial for you guys 🙂
DIY Broken Eyeshadow Fix
Estimated time: 5 minutes (if even)
Budget: Less than 5$
Supplies needed for this tutorial:

First of all; crush your eyeshadow in really tiny pieces that it gets really powdery. I know, this step probably hurts the most. (While crushing I was like: WHAT IF IT DOES NOT WORK??) But, trust me. It will work. And it works best the smaller your already crushed eyeshadow gets. Note: this works best if you crush your eyeshadow in another, separate jar but I really didn’t want to separate the shadows of the palette. It can get a little messy :<

Now, add the distilled alcohol to your crushed shadow. I couldn’t find any measurements about how much you are supposed to add; my own trial and error was fine with 4 – 5 drops of alcohol. (Please keep in mind the size of your eyeshadow and adapt the number of drops!) Maybe I could’ve added even a little bit more but I was afraid that the mixture gets too watery and won’t be able to be pressed again in the end :< Mix alcohol and shadow until your eyeshadow turned into a massive messy clump of particles. 😀 We’re nearly done!
Side Note: As far as I know, you could use any liquid to fix the eyeshadow, I heard some people did this even with oil or water. However, even water contains a lot of bacteria etc and since we are using the products on our precious eyes, distilled alcohol is the most hygienic we could use (I’m pretty sure even Vodka is more pure than water LOL. Just saying. :D)
And now, push it, push it like a rockstarrr! :3 Just grab your towel (or your kitchen paper, or anything else you find handy.) and press the eyeshadow-alcohol-mixture into the pan. Try to make it as even as you can! I pressed the eyeshadow about 20 – 30 seconds I guess. I read that other people are pressing their eyeshadows with coins, however, I think a coin is likely to get stuck in the pan so I chose a towel over coins. Check the quality of your mixture: If too much of the shadow sticks to whatever-you-are-pressing-with-item, you should add some alcohol – but be aware it can get watery easily so try to avoid that! Once your shadow is too liquid and you have no pigments left you are stuck with what you have.
Aaaand finished! This is what it looked like right after pressing it into the pan. It may not look beautiful but you can at least use it like before. I made a test right after pressing the shadow to the pan and flipped my palette upside down – nothing fell down and everthing stayed perfectly in place. Just set the palette aside for some hours and give the alcohol some time to vanish – your shadow will also get a bit more firmer after the alcohol vanished. And that’s all! 😀 I would not recommend to use the shadow right away because of the alcohol – if you wanna be super safe wait 24 hours so you make sure no alcohol is left in your eyeshadow 🙂
Fixed the teal as well 🙂 Although it looks messy it makes no difference when I use the eyeshadow on my lids. I think it’s a pity my boyfriend had to crush that one particular palette I cared about, but, oh well. Just more excuses to buy more Sleek palettes I guess..? 😀 But I really wonder where that deep green eyeshadow went missing…
How did you like this tutorial? I hope this was helpful to somebody! 🙂 I am currently working on another crafting DIY tutorial – I just love crafting and I would looove to do more tutorials if I had more time to do it. (It looks easy but the pictures take up so much time!) But I’m pretty positive I can get that crafting project done by next week (I’m trying to find a pretty solution for a jewelry storage!) Alsoo I need to get some outfit shots done. So much clothes and so little outfit posts but I just suck so bad when trying to do some of my own. Sad Sam is sad again. I hope to get something done soon; I’m working a lot these days, going to the hairdresser, visiting a friend in the hospital, have birthday parties to attend (and work the day after -.-) so I don’t know exactly when I’ll be updating again but it will be soon, I promise! <3
Thank you so much for all your recent comments, they make my day – everyday 🙂
Much love & see you soon!
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