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März 27, 2012
久し振りみんな! It’s been a long time everybody!
So I wasn’t really online the last two weeks ‚cause I lived in Tokyo together with my roommate and our beloved friend Susann who visited us and took the exhausting 20+ travel from Berlin to Japan. We stayed in a lovely hostel at Asakusa. It was the most cheap we could find in whole Tokyo, lol. Only 250 bucks for ten nights; room with bathroom, internet and….. the hostel grandpa. 
There is an old man who’s running the hostel and oh my, he fell in love with us, literally.  First we didn’t think so much of it; he always brought us hot tea or some other drinks while sitting in the lobby (‚cause the internet didn’t work in our room because it was the room most far away from the hotspot, lol). But as time passed by he brought us snacks together with the tea and some day when it rained hard he even got his car and drove us around one hour through Tokyo to get us to the shrine festival we wanted to visit. This accumulated so in the end, he drove us to everywhere we wanted and even cooked lunch for us, it was hilarious. But he only did that when it was our trio; if we were alone by ourselves he did not even show up. (I think he didn’t want to scary us or make us think he is some kind of pervert.)  He was the most sweet man I’ve ever met and he even cried the day we had to check out, it was SO sad to see and broke our hearts. We gave him German chocolate and liquor to heal the wound though XD So, the hostel was way more awesome than we expected it to be. (^__^)/
Because we were really busy these days I’ll split up the entries ‚cause you wouldn’t even continue reading if I told you everything. So I’ll split these two weeks in 4 or 5 entries I guess so it’s more compact and easy to read :3 Let’s begin with Disneyland and Disney Sea, one of the first things to do!
Pachi and I went to Disneyland before Susann arrived; but this time Pachi’s best friend was still in Tokyo and so we took him and went there. I didn’t take so much pictures because it didn’t really change since December when I last visited. Weather was super-nice after one week of rain and it was less less less crowded than on Christmas (of course). So we got a ride with all the major attractions in the park which filled me with joy (^v^) Last time we only rode one major attraction ‚cause waiting time was so damn high..

…we finally bought caps! It’s impossible to walk around Disneyland Tokyo without an appropriate head decoration and I went for the pink leopard fur Minnie Mouse ♡ Sushi had Stitch and Pachi went for the Cheshire Cat :3 The girl who took this picture was so creepy she looked as if she wanted to kill us XD

Once again, the castle. I cannot visit Disneyland and not take a picture of the castle I SIMPLY CAN’T.

Pachi and I in front of the castle which is not visible here LOL xD

…taken from top of the castle. Beautiful dawn paints everything in a romantic light.


This was the first time visiting Disney Sea in Tokyo. My expectations weren’t that high ‚cause I read a lot and it seemed as if Disney Sea were more an imitation of Europe and it’s harbors than real „Disney stuff“. I was kinda right, the decorations were mostly very very European-ish buildings which I didn’t found that special ‚cause I grew up travelling to Italy, Spain etc. xD But on the other side I did LOVE the Disney stuff they had there… a whole imitation of Triton’s palace from Arielle the little mermaid which was ohmygod so freakin‘ beautiful. I’d move in if I could! The sun shone extremely that day so all my pictures didn’t turn out so extremely well. But it turned super-cold as soon as it turned dark. My friends bought me a Genie-Cape, they were afraid that I freeze to death xD (Cannot stand cold really well you know..) That was so sweet of them, I’m grateful until now 😀 We also watched the new night show of lights they have. We were super-lucky ‚cause we didn’t camp in front of the stage like the Japanese, we just went there 5 minutes before and found an awesome spot from which we could see kinda everything (thanks to our European height, harhar.) Sadly we couldn’t ride a single attraction since it was super crowded and waiting time for the big thingies were about four or five hours?! I could not believe people actually wait that long. I wanted to enjoy my stay and I def. did not want to just stand 4 hours in a row in line for a one minute ride. So we decided to ride all the smaller things which was a pretty decent decision I guess ;D But enough talk, judge for yourself:

Central point of Disney Sea: Large pond in the middle on which everything is build around and the volcano in the middle of the park.

Fabius lantern on the way to Little Mermaid’s palace :3 (I LOVE Fabius! ♥)

Alladin’s palace 😀
Pachi and me waiting for Susann to return from the toilet lol. Oh I guess I forgot to mention, I finally dyed my hair pink! 😀
..aaaand there is the mermaid palace! I love love LOVED that place so much.. the interior is AMAZING.

Susann and Pachi and me with fullmoon-face.. I should get rid of that scarf 😡
Entrance hall with Triton :’D
Interior of the palace, there were several carousels and children playgrounds in between.

Jellyfish carousel we waited for <:
Pachi trolling in the background xD That was quite an episode to get on GENIE… we were the last in the row to enter but we wanted to be first (to get the ones we wanted to ride) so we hid at some point on the stairs but the Japanese staff found us and was very puzzled and didn’t know what to do with us XD But we did it :3 First world problems…

The looping.thingy at night. Waiting time was… 4 hours or sth?! No we didn’t ride, we aren’t insane.

Fantasmic Show at night, Mickey on top if you look closely!

Cinderella storyboard tower @ Night Show

Cannot remember what this was about but it was colorful ^^

…and no good show without dramatic final fireworks!
…wow, this turned out super-heavy I’m sorry. It was just so amazing!
Because the pictures really cannot do the show justice it might be better if you watch some video about it! It was super beautiful, I loved it! Show was quite long, about half an hour (I froze to death. Kind of. what surprised me. I took more than 200 pictures in Disney Sea so if there’s anything you wanna sea just ask I DEF. have it XD 
Upcoming posts are about Odaiba, Anime Fair, Cosplay Purikura and some more I don’t remember right now :3 My university starts soon but I hope to catch up in time, I really need time for superlong and amazing Japan Sakura post!! Hope you enjoyed and have a good night everybody :3 
– Sam
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