Delaaaaayed Post; All leather since a week.

November 12, 2011
So originally I wanted to come up with a Halloween post but I’m a bit late and I think it wouldn’t be that interesting because you all may have read very much Halloween related posts the last days. (If I’m wrong and you’re really interested in it, just let me know!)
So first to the most important thing: Guess where I’ll be at Christmas this year….?

Finally my roommate and I bought tickets for Tokyo Disneyland!! I have never been to any of the Disneylands but I want to do so since I was a kid!  Maybe there could be not better date for this to be done. We are all alone here separated from our families and I love Christmas so much that I don’t want it to be a sad day. And I think it will work out this way (^__^) I’m really really happy because a long-hidden dream finally comes true. This is such a pleasent feeling.

Theme-break:  Before I came to Japan I read several magazines and had some brands I liked but… this completely changed since I came here! My absolute favorite brand here is GLAD NEWS. Anybody knows it? I never heard of it before but found out when I went to Machida 109 (guess what it is….. it’s a not-so-little and not-so-crowded Shibuya 109! Like it there because shopping is so much more comfy and not that noisy..)

They’re making great clothes with loads of leather and steel! Love the rockattitude as I’m totally into hardcore (didn’t I tell…? :D)  When I first went there I didn’t bought anything because it’s expensive.. but I fell in love with a bag and couldn’t forget about for 2 weeks so finally when I was in Tokyo I bought the bag. And a little bit more. Spent more than 200 bucks actually… but since I worked the whole week and got paid it’s okay (^_^)/  I really needed my bag because I let them all at home… just brought some tiny canves bags with me which are really not that fashionable @_@ So this bag was…. at first sight! It’s superbig, what I like and made of real leather so the price actually isn’t that bad. I’m using it 24/7 since I bought it!

When strolling around I also found a big hair-ribbon made of leather and tiny steely things on top (couldn’t find a word for it in English…) and OHMYGOD I had to buy it. I habe Because I couldn’t find anything other but wanted to spend some more money, I went back to buy 2 shirts I fell in love with a while ago. So I’m dressing all leather and rock today, harhar.
What I also like about this shop is the staff. I went there three times now in different places and they are all very nice, helpful and also funny to talk with. They are trying to help although they think in the first place that I don’t understand Japanese. Realizing that I do speak their language they are even more amazed and I’m caught for an hour talking to them <: So overall, very pleased! Continuing shopping there.
Despite the leatherrockchickthing I’m accidentally caught by a jacket I saw at Shibuya 109… I’m on a search for a colorful jacket and I think this would be a perfect match! Not quite sure because it’s really expensive (12.300 Yen = 120€) otherwise really unique. The staff wanted to force me to try it on but I spent all my money before so I refused…. but it’s still spinning in my head. Maybe I should buy. I’m not quite sure..
I fear I really really want it, it’s exactly the kind of what I want. Why so expensive? If anybody has a clue where I could find such a jacket for lower money, tell me please! I see myself ending up spending all my money I wanted to save. <__<„“

P.S. I wrote this post a week ago but wasn’t able to post it so if it sounds a bit weird I apologize.. wrote only tiny bits and clashed altogether :’D Having ideas for next posts so please stay tuned!

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