Decoden Fake Eyelash Case ♥

September 7, 2011
Recently I started to wear fake lashes more often than usual. Normally I just used them on special occasions and always felt very unsecure when wearing them and being afraid they could fall off. Since I wear circle lenses I use fake lashes much more and this is why I was in an urgent need of a case for my fake lashes! I don’t own any special or pricey ones but I like to store my items right away. So I grabbed all my decoden-stuff [didn’t I tell you that I am deeply in love with decoden..?] and started. 

The box I used is just a small plain box from Muji (2 Euros). It was the cheapest I found and had sort of perfect size! I usually don’t plan much when doing decoden, I just start in some corner or glue the big parts first and then working around my way.
This is what it looked liked on the second day. I wanted to finish it in one shot but I had to decoden my mum’s mobile phone and the special glue took AGES to dry! You can see it on the picture; where you can see no glue it still dried. The white parts are the glue still in a wet condition. It took about 3 hours for the glue to dry T__T“  So I always just made a quarter and then continued on the next day because otherwise everything would’ve been possibly screwed up and moved around.
And ta-daaa finished! It took me 3 days to finish because of the long drying hour for the glue u__u“ I really like the result and I am happy that the glue turned to be completely clear so it doesn’t look messy ^-^

This is how it looks from the inside. I’m planning to glue a little mirror onto the inside so it would become more useful! ^_^ Obviously I don’t own many fake lashes yet so I decidet to use it as a kind of make-up survival goodie. xD There is enough space for 2 pairs of lashes, one pair of lenses and two little lash-glue thingies <:
My worn-out lashes. That leads me to a question: how long do you guys use one pair of falsies? I know there are a lot of girls who use them on a daily basis and I wonder how much money they spend on this? If I’m very very good + careful I can use one pair maybe up to 10 times. (I dunno if this is much or not..) Please tell and educate me! 😀
New pair of lashes I got. The glue really was sick, I wasn’t able to stick it to my eyelid! O.O It fell off always. Thats why I used my other eyelash-glue and not the one which was in the package.. I ended up that my eyelash was glued-no-matter-what to my eyelid XD Was afraid I had to tear off my lid though.. ’sigh  These eyelashes were medium-cheap and around 5 to 6 Euros. I don’t like them that much because they look really artificial, next time going for another design. :3

Last but not least! Me wearing the lashes. They are very spiky what I really don’t like. Wanna buy more natural ones when coming to Japan (because they have much wider range of different kinds than here in Germany!) I def. need a haircut to my plain brown hair!  So looking forward to next Saturday!♥

P.S. I wore the Geo Nudy Golden Blue for three times now and I have to admit that it becomes less and less comfy the more I wear them! First day was really okay but the last two times they really irritated me.. maybe I failed at cleaning or something? .___.“

This is where I store all my decoden stuff. There was noodle-sauce inside in former times, I cleaned and decorated it <: It’s getting too small too soon..

I’ll be busy the whole weekend with getting my Visa, my very last working day at my Starbucks store *very sad face* and still many many goodbyes to tell. I’ll pack my bag on Sunday – think I’ll be back until then! This time is extremely exciting but on both hands sad and happy – inbetween. Wish you all a nice weekend though. (: ♥

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