Constantly fighting with my skin.

Oktober 24, 2011
Hello and good evening to everybody outside and still awake!
Recently I’ve been fighting with my skin. It was never in the best condition; I always tend to have break-outs (mostly chin) and pores which are visable. I never „cared“ that much about my skin because every skincare I bought made my condition worse ;__;  So after a few tries I just removed all my make-up in the evening and sometimes used a cream to hydrate my skin. Good thing about is that my skin isn’t dried or oily. Its just not clean, and that bothers me a lot. Since I came to Japan I was very curious because they have so great products here! First thing I bought was a cleansing oil for the evening. Because I don’t know about the brands here that much I chose a pretty cheap option and went for Topvalu Cleansing Oil.
Did not make the picture… tried the last days but forgot everytime. 

It comes in two fragrances, I chose grapefruit! The scent really is great, I like it a lot. I use this for maybe 3 weeks now and I really like how it feels on my skin. It feels relaxed and not irritated. In the beginning I used this cleansing oil in the morning and evening, but my skin was not pleased and punished me with even more break outs. So I reduced the using to once a day in the evening when removing make-up and my skin condition grew better. But I can’t really see a difference… have breakouts here and there some time. Maybe it’s slightly better but not that much visable. But I like the cleansing oil, because it cleanse and removes make-up at the same time, which is very comfy! Maybe won’t buy it again, though.
I’m also thinking about getting a BB Cream ^-^ But…. I read a lot about in the internet and now really confused which one really works it out. I thought about getting the Maybelline BB Cream (because it’s a brand I know very well from Europe; my make-up is also from Maybelline) but maybe the Asian brands work it out much better..? I really don’t know. I’m a bit afraid of spending much money and being disapointed in the end. Gnaa. Very complicated. Maybe looking up at cosme and crossing all my fingers while buying xD
My roommate and I were also thinking about upcoming HELLOWEEN! We have lots of dates and really busy during the weekend which is a good thing having fun with friends we recently made (:  (I’m very thankful we adopted so fast to Japanese way of lifestyle..).  So for Halloween (and because I was thinking about it beforehand a lot) I buyed new circle lenses. I wanted the special Halloween ones from Pinky Paradise.. but because there is no express option for Japan they wouldn’t attend in time.
They would’ve been gorgeous for a vampire.. ’sad face‘  And in the reviews they keep saying that these really hold what they promise when it comes to color! Really sad I didn’t see them a week before or so. So I browsed at Rakuten because I wanted new lenses for Halloween and well, what should I say? I bought the Apple Green ones. (You know, the famous overhyped Tsubasa lenses..) I don’t know if this was a good idea but I wanted to try them for so long! And… if they look creepy I wouldn’t mind because they are supposed to be worn at Halloween 😀 Think they’ll arrive tomorrow or Wednesday at least. So if you have any good experiences with BB Cream I would love to hear your experiences!  And I swear… the next post will be more interesting. Typing that between homework and deep craving for sleep.
Good night or a nice day, depending on where you all live.!
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