Februar 22, 2014

Hello my dear readers,

Guess what?! I finally received my Christmas present from my boyfriend! 😀 I knew what I would get (because I had to send him the link to buy it because he had no clue what I meant xD) and it was horrible to wait so long as I really wanted to try it out ;__; I finally convinced him to get me a Clarisonic Mia which I have been wanting for years but never got. And guess what? This year, for Christmas, I got two. First nothing for years, now two. My mom remembered I wanted something like this (I told her like, 3 years ago, never got it so I tried to persuade my boyfriend…) and was so nice to get me one – it wasn’t the Clarisonic one so I thanked her 1000 times and kindly asked her to return at as I really really wanted the Mia (and I knew my BF already placed the order.) But I found it really sweet she remembered!! Was so sorry she had to return it >__<„“
Unfortunately, my boyfriend knows nothing about ordering online etc. so he ordered the Mia on December 18th(!) from America(!!!!) and seriously thought it should arrive before Christmas. Oh, how innocent he is. He was shocked when I told him orders from the US can take somewhere between 2 and 8 weeks, depending. What was he thinking?? XD Well, doesn’t matter I received it and was SO eager to try the beauty out…..
 I think this is the travel size (although it is not mentioned anywhere on the packaging) and of course I wanted pink! 😀
 Size reference – I was astonished how heavy the Mia is, despite her size! I expected it to be a lot more lightweight but it weighs quite a lot for such a small device. This will steal me a good lots of grams in my trunk when going to Japan >___<„“ (23kg MAX)

Still not sure if this is travel size or just regular…. any idea?? xD I think the original Mia isn’t available in fancy colors like this one…
So I was really happy and running in circles to try it out and was imaging how it would feel on my skin when I discovered….
OMG NO NO NO US CHARGING ADAPTER NOOOOOO. Apparently, we do not have these chargers in Germany. NO. DAMN. WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT. Of course, when you order an electronic device from the US it will have an US adapter. I completely forgot about that and was so so so sad because I couldn’t charge the Mia and use her ;_____; This was the saddest moment xD I think my boyfriend got a little bit scared. So after waiting 2+ months to finally use this beauty I had to wait an additional day before I went to the mall and bought a US-German adapter to use this. I was so upset at myself for not thinking about that xD
And here, the whole family. I kindly got a travel case for my Mia, which is good, because I will travel lots in Japan and Korea, but I think one doesn’t necessarily need this since you already have a brush cap to protect the brush. Only think it does is preventing the start button to be pushed I guess. Nonetheless, I like the matching case. I also was sent a sample size cleaner but I probably won’t use it – I fear it might break me out have to do a little research on this cleanser before.
Ah! And if you’re wondering why I ordered these from the US when the Mia is also sold in Germany – apparently, this was a lot more cheaper than in Germany!! I think the price should be the same but I found some sellers who were selling these for $80 or something. (I just can’t justify spending $160….) I am not sure why these were cheaper I am pretty sure it’s the real deal because of the packaging, Clarisonic warranty, descriptions etc etc. If anyone happens to know anything please let me know :3
I’m using it for a week now and like it! I will definitely give you my opinion when I notice any changes in appearance or anything good/bad but think I’ll have to use this at least for one or two months to see any difference. So, thank you boyfriend!! I don’t think he knows how happy I am to have my Mia finally ^___^ 
Do you use Clarisonic? If so, do you like it?? 
Have a happy Saturday!
Lots of love,
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