Christmasparty with a huge surprise!

Dezember 20, 2011
Long time not seen! The recent days I was busy with learning (well I should’ve been busy with learning but! I accidentally began to view different series and anime series again, so…. I screwed it up. A bit.) So last Saturday I took one of my much happening learning breaks and went to the Christmas Party which the male exchange students set up for us 😀 We came 40 minutes later than announced and it was CROWDED and all the food was GONE. We were shocked. Usually nobody’s there in the beginning but there were already more than 100 people.  So we grabbed only a sad piece of pizza which was left and threw ourselves at the crowd! It wasn’t that special after all but nice to have everybody on one spot to chat and drink with (:
Me and Pam; her Coke isn’t as innocent as it seems!

Authentic Christmas decoration – and the presents underneath were presents for Bingo <:
Pachi left, Ashley middle and me

Twinkle, twinkle, little star…
These parties always remind me of highschoolparties… there are so unprofessional and, well, uhm, „personal“. I like it a lot 😀  BUT! This party was different because the exchange students had a budget and bought some prizes they planed to give away by playing the bingo game where you try to catch numbers in a row. The room where it was held was extremely crowded because the main prize were two tickets for Disneyland! So we started but although the sheet were small nobody caught anything even after 20 numbers XD“ By this time I had 4(!) rows where I needed only one number to fulfill the bingo, my roommate had 3 rows. And then it happened. The organizator called out number „39“ and my roommate and I, out of 150 people, had a bingo at the same time!! XD My nerd friend wanted to analyze the possibilty for that to happen but he gave up because it was too small XD Another girl, Mizuki, who I also know(!!) (she was in Germany as an exchange student back in March…) had also bingo at the same time so we played rock, paper, scissors and I lost, of course, because I fail at that game. Always. BUT! My roommate wouldn’t be my beloved rocking roommate…… so we won the tickets for Disneyland!! I totally freaked out (though we already bought tickets in advance in November… but there’s also Disney Sea to discover ^___^) That was sooooooo cool. I mean there soooo many people and WE TWO had bingo the same time. So we got tickets which are valuable until End of July both Disneyland Resort and Disney Sea. We plan to visit Disney Sea in March when a friend from Germany visits us. I’m glad until now XD
Have to remember a bit for tomorrow, have to give a lecture on Japanese about German Immigration Problems..  @___@“ But think I remembered quite good until now! I will be in Disneyland with Pachi on Christmas so be aware of a bombing photo post next week.  *(^v^)*
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