Christmas Party Western Style

Dezember 20, 2012

Howdy and Yeeha my dearest readers,

How’s your weekend been? (I always mean these start questions, if you want to please tell me! 😀 ) Mine was pretty…. cool / awkward / different / party-like / non-sleepy. I’m still not sure what kind of feelings I should have towards this weekend but all together it was awesome, I guess. My colleagues and I had a Christmas party together, but not just some custom we-go-in-a-restaurant-and-have-dinner-kina-lame-Christmas-party. No, nope. Me and twelve other colleagues (we would be twenty if everybody would have been there) went two hours by car and train to a little town outside Berlin where they rebuilt an old Western city! There we were supposed to have a party with live band, dinner, drinks and lots of dancing! Since it was so far away from Berlin, our boss booked rooms for all of us to stay overnight until Sunday. I was super excited when I heard this! However, since my colleagues all are a bit of a mess, things didn’t really work out the way they did. Let me tell you a hilarious story about drunk colleagues.
Since I was working the last shift before we went to the Christmas party I chose to go by car because going by train would have been too exhausting after 8 1/2 hours of work I decided for myself 😀 So I and some others went by car and I texted with the ones who went by train. It turned out that ALL of the colleagues who went by train were drunk like hell the minute they entered the train. To keep a long story short: They completely messed up the trains, landed 40 kilometers off where they were supposed to land and they missed the last bus which would have gone to where we others were. They called me if I could pick them up by car. Unfortunately they were 5 so we had to go with two cars to make sure everybody could come with us. So after driving 2 hours to the place, we drove another 1 hour to find them and another 1 hour back home to the place. So party for me started at 9PM I guess. Usually we intended to start at 7 PM… one colleague was so drunk by then that he puked in our boss‘ car. XD And no, she wasn’t amused. Her car looked pretty expensive ( at least BEFORE he… you know.) After all these hardships we FINALLY managed to get the party started 😀  *All pictures taken by my sweet colleague Tomoyo, thank you!
 Entrance of the Western location / bonfire in front of the dance hall to keep drunk people warm

 Inside the dining area / Me dancing with my very very drunk colleague Felix

Tomoyo-chan who took all the pictures 😀 / The day after, Western location covered in snow.

Me with my colleague Felix again (somehow I’m always with him in the pictures although I didn’t see him that often that night! Also, I don’t remember that this shot was taken xD )  / My and Zofia’s room

Sorry for blurry pictures, these are all iPhone pictures which I stole from Tomoyo xD Despite all the „hardships“ it really was a fun night. I do love all my colleagues and we are the funniest team ever, that’s the main reason I came back after I left Japan 😀 A loooot of stuff happened and everybody was kinda fucked up the day after the party but it was totally worth it! Somehow strange to think about going back to work again and being „serious“ to each other ^^  This is what I wore that night (Sorry, only have these shot’s when I was still unsure whether to buy or not and sent the pics to my mom to decide xD) This was after long day of university so I do look pretty messy.
I just fell in love with this dress, it’s perfect! I bought it at Zara, and it’s a dark navy blue with peplum and a gorgeous crystal-glittery neckline! Feel kinda badass in this with heels, harharhar.
Two days ago, my boyfriend finally came home!! Wow, I was just SO happy. He was only away 5 weeks but staying at home alone really sucks, I know that now. I really wish we would not have to be apart again but if my „dream“ comes true and I’ll be able to join interpreter’s course, we would have to be apart again, meh. But we will be together at least until next year of autumn, so I couldn’t be any happier at the moment! <3
Also, I’m really unsure what to post these days. I’m pretty sure you all had enough „What to get for your lovelies as a present“  or „What to wear on Christmas“ posts already (because my dashboard nearly explodes from it!), so I restrained from doing one as well (If you still liked to see one… tell me. I got some free time today.) I still have some reviews up my sleeve, but I am not sure if time’s enough these days to post them :/ Maybe I’ll figure something out. I have a very very important appointment tomorrow with my prof and I am sooooo scared like hell. He’s kinda strange and I get the creeps when thinking about being alone in a room with him for hours… just crossing fingers that I’ll get out alive. I mean, it’ll be 21.12.12 right? ;D 
Hope you all have a wonderful week, Much love & See you soon!
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