Christmas Outfit Dilemma.

Dezember 6, 2012

Hi my dearest readers,

how have you all been? Sorry for the lack of updates. First, I’d like to thank everyone, who wished me well for my exam! I received a lot emails, calls and messages from friends, relatives and colleagues I couldn’t be any happier 🙂 Unfortunately the exam went really bad, not to say terrible. I’m pretty sure I do not stand a chance to pass – need more than 70% and maybe knew a third (or a quarter, maybe?). Still, it’s multiple-choice so there’s a tiny chance I might have passed. Optimistic as always! If I failed it won’t break me though, I can still try again in July. Nonetheless, thank you everybody for your heart-warming support!
Jumping to another topic; I’m quite sure you heard of that strange thing called Christmas coming around and everybody’s freaking out about what to wear or what to get for others. In Germany Christmas is probably the most (and only?) important holiday that we have. I am to zero percent Christian but still, I love Christmas as a get-together with my (patchwork) family! 😀 And I am too, totally freaking out about what to WEAR! The holy question, only New Year’s Eve is more exciting (and we (my friends + I) solved that problem easily by throwing a costume-party every year on the 31st of December.)
Now, considering what I should wear for Christmas was quite tough. There were quite some issues; First one: I gained some weight. Now I am absolutely not turning fat, but my beloved red dress I wear every year on Christmas is rather tight this year.  Second, I really don’t want to spend a lot of money for my outfit because there’s a lot I have to pay for this month (PRESENTS, anyone??) and I didn’t get as much money from work as I thought I would.  Therefore, I limited myself to only buy very very few things to possibly stay under 50€ for my whole outfit. Quite a challenge, isn’t it? I still considered to wear my asymmetrical black bodycon dress (right picture) because it’s kinda festive but with the weight I gained I feel a bit uncomfortable with this dress. I then went shopping at ZARA and found this cute yet not-too-sweet leather top. Just wasn’t sure how I should combine it (but never, never with blue jeans like in the ZARA promotional pictures.. awful choice if you ask me, it just doesn’t go together that well.) And then it hit me! I found an overall I reeeeaaalllyyy fell in love with, but they only had sizes XS and S (and no, I didn’t even try. Too embarrassing. ZARA’s clothes are at least one size smaller than the usual stores, right? RIGHT GIRLS?) so I thought – why not buy the little top which is even only half the price of the overall and fake your own overall since the cutting is mostly the same..? 

So just imagine the top piece being the leather top and there you go! I personally think it will even look better with the leather top because of the fabric mix (I JUST LOVE LEATHER.) and now that I look at it the overall’s top piece looks a bit too simple for my liking. I bought the necklace with the golden skulls because it is so unique! Tried it on and it goes really well with the shoulder free top. Plus, I really like the idea of stepping out of the usual glitter-dress-for-christmas comfort zone (: The heels are quite self-explanatory I guess; I LOVE red shoes with a only-black outfit. Makes it so much more exciting!

I have two Christmas parties; one this Saturday from my boyfriend’s parent’s company and next Saturday with my colleagues. We’re making a little trip over the weekend, I am so excited! Finally a bit time for chit-chatting, always so busy making coffee and no time for talking or guests will look angry at you 😀 So my plan is to wear the asymmetrical dress to one event and the overall to the other party and also the overall on actual Christmas. And we will have lots of dinners after Christmas so I can change between these two outfits too! Do you already planned your outfit for Christmas? Or is there still time for you to go before you fall into snowy Christmas feeling? Well, it got so cold today suddenly (-5°C at the moment) and it snows that I have no other choice but to think about all the festive cosy stuff to come! I will try to snap some pictures from the outfit at the parties so keep on waiting for the full coord! ;D Hope you liked this post and have a cosy weekend everybody!
Much love & See you soon,
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